Outland Mag'har in Dazar'alor?

Hi everyone. I was chilling in Outland and when visiting Mag’har Post I noticed that Mag’har hunters seem to like having Ravagers as pets. That reminded me of that funny friendly Ravager running around in Dazar’alor. It belongs to a Laughing Skull Mag’har hunter named Nagtar Wolfsbane. The fact that he’s part of an Island Expeditions team called “Draenor’s Blood” had me believe that he’s from AU Draenor, but his pet is definitely an Outland Ravager. Besides, the Laughing Skull clan is canon in Outland and as I said, Outland Mag’har hunters often tame Ravagers as pets. Could he actually be an Outland Mag’har orc ? That would be pretty interesting as it would imply that some Outland Mag’hars are still part of the Horde despite them having sided with Garrosh during the Siege of Orgrimmar

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They really still are. Unless something official happened/mentioned?

I can see why it’d make sense the MU Mag’har might be looked down upon poorly since SoO was outlined with all of the the point where sections of it had them literally murdering or skewering green ones with the exception of Nazgrim and his warriors.

It’s probably just mistaken identities, but I can totally see it. The events of SoO was led by a brash Warlord that got a bit happy-go-lucky with his axe and a heart telling him how much of a good idea it is to keep spinning that axe around.

Doesn’t mean other Mag’har has to follow what that guy was doing.

Yeah I mean you’re right, it’s probably safe to say that at least on an individual level, MU Mag’har presence within the Horde is still a thing. Just thought making it official would be nice, considering how irrelevant and straight-up ignored everything Outland-related has been since the end of TBC

dazar’alor isnt a horde city. its a troll hub city that made an alliance of convenience with the horde.

I think the thing with the alliance was changed already.

AU Draenor also had ravagers. There’s some of them right at the intro mission before the zikkurat where you meet Kilrogg.

Yea but they’re very different beasts
MU Ravagers have mutated due to Outland being Outland

My point being that the one in Dazar’alor uses the MU model

They aren’t any more different than WC3 Taurens compared to WoW taurens. I believe the explanation isn’t extreme mutation, but almost 8 years of art and concept development.

I definitely wouldn’t draw assumptions of lore based on the models.


If it was mutation, then damn that’s a horrific amount of contortion happening there.

According to gamepedia :
" Ravagers were one of the creatures most heavily mutated by Draenor’s destruction and the ones on Outland today barely resemble their original form. Draenor’s ravagers were built similarly to silithid"

Now I agree with you, I don’t want to overestimate Blizzard on lore stuff…

The line on Gamepedia is uncited.

Surely they must have found it somewhere? And I mean fauna mutation is heavily referred to in Outland anyway so

He could’ve just tamed one in Outland despite being an AU orc.

Or Azeroth… might be some that have been brought over.

Ofc that’s a possibility. Or maybe they didn’t even think about it and just picked a random pet. Amusing coincidences nonetheless

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Well why would Blizzard use the MU model instead of the AU one ?

It’s something I’m afraid of with player huge theories and minor questions about the game : What if Blizzard just didn’t think about it ?

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Ikr ??? But at the same time being invested in WoW lore feels good so I personally choose denial


There are some on the Draenei Isles, escaped from a Zoo on the Exodar i guess.

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