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I’ve only been playing WoW for about a year now, but for all I’ve played it I’ve never once completed Shadowmoon Valley. I tried to change this today by leveling it on my 120 demon hunter. I completed all the chapters but 2. ‘Borrowed Power’ and ‘Akama’s Promise.’ Neither of these are appearing on my map atall. Can anyone help? Where do I pick it up??

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Have you tried wowhead, the comments section is usually particularly helpful

You may need to complete quests outside of the zone judging by this blue post I found on the old forums

The Borrowed Power criteria are completed by finishing the quest ‘Varedis Must Be Stopped’. It is a quest chain that will take you both through Shadowmoon Valley as well as Nagrand (and even into The Shadow Labyrinth) which is where the confusion may have come from. :slight_smile:



Around the Altar of Sha’tar maybe , in the north east. Or somewhere in the general area of the Black Temple.

Otherwise, either

A) Just fly around the zone while tracking “Trivial Quests” is enabled.

B) Install an addon like Wholly (also install Grail alongside it), this will put the familiar yellow ! on the map for every single quest (configurable if you want), which should immediately hint at the area where you’re still missing things.

C) If you don’t mind the initial legwork. Make a wowhead account and install the wowhead client (a program, which installs its own accompanying addon). That addon will store all information about your characters progress (in just about everything) when you log off. The program then allows you to upload that information to wowhead. This allows you to view the list of SMV quests on wowhead where it will now show green checkmarks at every quest you’ve already done, which allows you to view the details of the quests that are still missing a checkmark.

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That’s because Akama’s promise is the last quest in a huge chain. The quest to complete Borrowed Power is not actually called Borrowed power. I suggest go to Aldor or Scryer outposts and do everything that is there, you will complete it eventually.


One major reason people have trouble finding quests in Shadowmoon Valley especially at higher levels it they miss picking a faction in Shattrath, you need to have picked Aldor or Scryer to get access to a whole bunch of quests in that zone, Netherstorm too.

This is the starting point to pick your side, and the faction you pick will then usually point you in the right direction.

Something else you may find handy is the Completed Quests Checker on IcyVeins, been a big help for me to find some stuff I’ve missed:

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