Outlaw abilities nerfed in pvp


At least that’s what says the tooltip of Dispatch, Killing spree and BtE when I enter arena, bg or pvp combat. KS dmg goes from 37k to 29k that’s pretty harsh. Is it normal, and if yes, where can i see what abilities are nerfed ? Also Saber Slash and Blade Rush (talent) dmg doesn’t change, I think Pistol shot doesn’t change either.


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i recommend you to download add-on “PVP tooltips” which shows all PVP-nerfs on abilities, azerite traits, talents, etc.


I’m pretty sure it was nerfed back in september

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As mentioned PVP tool tips is more or less a must have to keep up to date with balance changes if you don’t read patch notes, azerite traits got gutted by 50% for most if not all classes/specs too so it will feel like you’re doing even less, its important to try and synergise your burst with the ideal RTB buffs, having a priest to use thick as thieves and the dark wings with helps too.

Sadly alot of classes aren’t as independent as they used to be so becoming reliant on other classes has become the norm given rogue doesn’t even have decent healing anymore either ./salute Recuperate.


But does someone know why KillingSpree was nerfed ? It does no damage and I only use it defensively during a ennemy cd ( such as Evasion, Die b the Sword or Fist of Fury). Also isn’t blade rush better in pvp ? I mean it does less burst but we have a bit more uptime too. A Killing Spree doesn’t eve break the 20% passive soulshield of warlock with demon armor…

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A well used Killing Spree, with crit buff and on use trinket, does insane damage. It was nerfed by 20% because it could one-shot people (I’m not kidding, 100-0) back in prepatch and was still very powerful just after 8.0 release. It is not broken right now, just a good CD. Even if Blade Rush isn’t nerfed in PvP if it’s not as good as KS then KS is better nerf or not. There are situations in which you want Blade Rush. Against a Mage in 2s for instance. Otherwise Killing Spree remains slightly more powerful if you can use it when it’s actually efficient. And warlocks are stupidly op on all fronts these days, don’t look at them :wink:


I used it on cd to make the maximum use of the Restless Blades passive tbh, sometimes even to engage…
I’ll try to setup it as a real burst in arena, but for wpvp and bg’s I just love Blade Rush more :stuck_out_tongue:

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