Outlaw Nerf

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200% guarentee this nerf wouldn’t of taken place if it was ret pala, dh or ww monk in the position outlaw rogue is currently. Oh well this is what happens when you explicitly balance around a “e-sport” and just the esport, not anything else.


This. I am still astounded on how dh has Aoe, St, survivability and utility baked all in one.
I am pretty sure people will switch to dh in droves once they ease on racial requirements.


The fact that outlaw was not nerfed this long shows that blizzard thought it was fine. Now they’re just succumbing to the pepega twitch chat from MDI. They had no problem when MDI teams ran 4 windwalkers 1 bdk in 7.3.5 in Upper Kara.

I couldn’t care less for the argument “you will be brought anyway because of utility”. I don’t play the game to be a utility dispenser. If utility is op then nerf the utility, or spread something like it to other classes. There could be shroud scrolls and all kind of things that make dungeons more accessible to everyone.


there is its called invis pots and its been used since challenge mod in mop.

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Where have they said they’re doing this? Because I see that as pretty unlikely.
The race requirements, not the switching to DH.


I expect blizz to pay for my name change


You cant tell the difference between the two? Like 10 min lock on dmg potions? Waste someone else’s time.


I welcome any rogue nerf on principle. It has been world of roguecraft way too much in this dumb game.

That said, it’s sad that they nerfed specifically the specc that wasn’t backstabbing eyeroll and actually was cool enough to use guns.


its 5 min and whos potting anyway expect on bosses in m+? everything has a downside, drums also just give 25% instead of the normall 30%. And you tellin me idk what im talkin about


There is always going to be certain classes/specs better at certain things than others. That’s how it works. Trying to achieve full balance between every single spec will be a journey with a bad ending.

Remember, outlaw rogues aren’t welcome in raids due to their RNG and poor single target damage. (With bad rolls, which it usually will be. You need atleast 2x Combo to perform well on single target, that’s like 1/6 to get, and that’s the minimum to see decent singletarget dps)

Rogues problem in my opinion is their utility mixed with their well performing AOE. Nerfs i would agree with: Give a debuff after being in cloak of shadows for 20 minutes so you can’t abuse 2 rogues to cherrypick packs. Then nerf by maybe 5% at a time and not completely gut the spec and force rogues to play Assassination since sub isn’t really competitive. Remember rogues can’t fall back to going tanks or healers, we need to stay competitive in the M+ scene, and with the nerf we lost alot of value.

Are we going to nerf rdruids strength in M+ situations as well?
Are we going to nerf assassin single target damage?
Why dont we go ahead and nerf bdruids in singletarget too.

Some specs will always have an advantage somewhere. Ofcourse you will see plenty of them in given situations. And instead of nerfing them, roll a class that performs better in the gameplay you wish to play. Don’t play specs that are bad in the situation you are playing and then complain about the ones that are stronger, deal with it and go another spec. Most classes can perform well in m+.

And remember, M+ just got a bit harder. Enjoy your push without strong aoe classes, you might be next.


btw…outlaw nerf but heal´s do 50K+DPS :rofl:…gg

you can´t compare MDI with the most normal player, thats a huge different. this pulls and dmg on MDi lvl you only can play with this gear and setup. and btw, other classes do more dmg but outlaw is the best mix in dmg/cc/flexibility.

after this nerf, all fury´s, hunter, monks will do much more dmg like an outlaw in AOE and heavy more in single target. in the most weeks it´s not possible to pull like MDI for 90% of all players…

so gg… this nerf is stupid like hell


mdi is not the problem. the problem is any braindamage monkey can get top dps playin outlaw and thats unfair. y got best utility, y got best dps, y needed in every dungeon = so yeah, well deserved nerf :sob:
should have done this ages ago


Im sorry that you settle for being below average by cheaping out on pots. But MDI and plenty other people that do more than +13 keys do not settle for that. There rogues become mandatory where shroud scrolls and other utility tweaking would fix that. Why would you ever argue against a fix to a problem?

Invis potions aren’t shrouds and thats the end of it. You said that. That statement is wrong.


Outlaw remains more than viable.

Sin is already a strong specc for m+ you either play twist for prio dmg or tripple Fan of knife trait and blast on the aoe , and if you can get tripple shrouded you’re golden.


I think you all forgot one important thing.
rogue is a DPS ONLY class.

We don’t have a tank or healing spec, we only do damage and nothing else. So why remove that from us?

I asked for a healing spec in another thread, never got any replies from Blizzard ofc. I played from 2005 to 2008 where paladin was only a sub healing spec and nothing, now they make the best single target damage and are good tanks. Same for druids but what about rogue? We only do damage and they nerf it?


Altho Outlaw had the best M+ damage by pressing a single button, this nerf is lazy. Why not reduce Blade Flurry damage gradually the more targets you have? Like full damage on 3, then smaller on 4-5, then smaller still on 6-8 etc. This would’ve been better. At the same time nothing is done to the silly RtB RNG. More still, Sub looks like something from a pre-alpha video game build instead of a fully realized spec.

Assassination it is then. Thank god I’m still kinda enjoying it.

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