Outlaw Nerf

(ßard) #1

I have no comment on this , blizz you’re forcing us to play assasination every expansion , and Im sick and tired of that dumb spec.

I know outlaws aoe is OP and it was clear …


I can understand that outlaw needed a nerf, but i think this is too much. its a shame that they nerf outlaw and didnt change subt a bit. I think blizzard just wants us to play assa or something, i dont know.

(Lilura) #3

A 15% nerf is completely ridiculous. Outlaw is an AoE class, of course it should excel in that department, nuking the very defining aspect of the spec is complete BS.


It a 33 % nerf to BF (not counting the trait nerf). Blizzard reduced BF from 45 % to 30 % which is a relative reduction of 33 %.

This nerf is a problem as it not only applies to the area where Outlaw needed a nerf, but also to areas where Outlaw didn’t need a nerf. Blizzard should be able to target their nerfs to the right areas.


There is no problem here, you literally can’t have the best utility in the game combined with the best cleave damage and above average single target (with good rolls). There is a reason the entire first pages of high keystones are FILLED with 2-3 rogue setups. Climb down your high horse and be happy you had your time in the spotlight.

https ://raider.io/mythic-plus-rankings/season-bfa-3/all/world/leaderboards
Try finding a page that doesn’t have at least one run with 2x rogues.


Remember that the game is not only about MDI and high M+ keys.


we dont care :smiley: roll another class kk thx bye rofl


Played outlaw all legion and started bfa with it. I left it because outlaw is ridiculously strong and rogue class is fulled with fotms for free rio. Well deserved but 8 months late nerf.


It was needed, If you think otherwise, Look Raider io and every LFG group seaching for minimum one Rogue.
You have the best utility (Cloak of Shadows, Stuns, Zaps, Vannish) and best AoE by far. You should be happy they didnt nerf you for the entire Season 2.

(Nexintus) #10

Except the nerf still makes one rogue mandatory so damage isnt the problem. Just remove shroud and ban class stacking in mdi. Dh/ww do equal dps, only difference is utility which the nerf doesnt address.

The fact sub is garbage everywhere and assa is bis in raids 2s and 3s means if outlaws nerf puts it behind assa we have to play one spec in every part of this game. Fun.

Well at my keys as long as the dps is doable its ok i guess. Im not playing assa everywhere, its boring


It’s more like 30%, since everyone takes Dancing Steel.

Anyway, just simmed it on Raidbots as the nightly build has the nerf. Looks like I lost around 5k dps overall on dungeon slice. I expected worse. We’ll see…



I’m not so worried about the M+ performance of Outlaw…

I’m more concerned of how they will now perform in raid encounters like Radiance of Azshara. This nerf was obviously aimed at M+ and the MDI but it will also hurt Outlaw in raids… maybe too much. We have to wait and see.

(Valkiá) #14

Because as an Outlaw rogue you get 5-rolls literally all the time.
Aka twice every 20 dungeon runs.


I just liked the current outlaw. I dont play raids, only m+. If it sucls too much, ill just stop playing rogue. I dont like too play with daggers

(Джифорз) #16

I’m watching MDI 2019 now and I see 3 pirates…

Outlaw gonna be nerfed to the ground coming week.

Say thanks to MDI players who play 3 rogues and cause a lot of rage in community

(Ferios) #17

Did they think people wont hate and blizzard wont nerf it when they pick 3 rogue in MDI? They could see its coming. You guys must thanks MDI players.

(Cutîepie) #18

outlaw nerf is more than rightful and needed. basically /thread

(Sauru) #19

Quoted for truth.
It was needed, and bound to happen.

I smell more nerfs even.

(Calìdore) #20

hopefully they make Sin and sub viable options then… why is nobody talking about warriors, having both single and aoe without speccing specifically into one.

MDI and esport overall is just bad for the game.

(Джифорз) #21

Cuz wars don’t live much, have no vanish or tricks. Its a class that dies everywhere. Especially arms. Fury is a bit better.