Outlaws or Hell!

We are a curvy guild!

OUTLAWS OF HELL is an Alliance guild on Wildhammer/Thunderhorn.

8/8Heroic on the lovely raid tier that is the Eternal Palace.

We are looking to power into The Waking City and require a few more players. Ideally some DPS(We need a Warlock big time!) and a Tank are our main priorities but much like Vegetas mother, we accept all comers!

Lil bit about us, now we are an active Guild that do Tmog Runs, mythic+, crocheting, Drunk runs, Harp covers of songs! A few other events, we have an active discord(Dedicated meme channel!!!). We had our first guild meet In August with another planned for February!

Basicly if you want to play we are the friends you didn’t know you needed in wow!

Drop me a PM if you fancy a chat about it.

If you’ve read this far High Five!
Unless you’re from newtownards in which case high 6!

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