<Overkill> recruiting for BWL!

Hello there,

Overkill is just recruiting from all classes for upcoming BWL. At the moment MC and Onyxia on farm status.

What we offer and want from you:

  • Currently using DKP system and will continue to use it but we’ll wipe the standings of course for upcoming BWL tier. So, everyone will start from the stratch for dkp gaining.

  • We raid on Thursday & Monday on 19.30 Server Time.

  • A friendly and stable guild organisation that aiming to clear all content which will game offer in next year (AQ and Naxxramas)

  • We raid as one core team. So, we will form the best squad from what we have with BWL. Bringing experience and knowing your class is of course matters for catching that high standarts.

  • We except from everyone to play dedicated talents and bringing elixir, potions to raid.

If you are considered to join into ranks of Overkill feel free to communicate with Hokkabaz, Redwyne, Coldblood, Hironex or Nepenthe.

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