Overwatch - Arcade Mode?


Is Arcade Mode dead? I tried to queue for every single game type but im waiting 10-15+ mins and then I give up. Do players only play Quick Play or Competitive?

Sorry for posting in here, but I just downloaded Overwatch for a free trial and I cant post in their forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm could be it’s your first account so the game is having trouble assigning you to a hidden skill rating system.


Maybe cuz Im a trial account now - there is 2 weeks free game-time. Dunno… I decided to buy it anyway, cuz its more fun than TF2 and CS. Thats my concern - is this game dying and nobody queue for the game modes or Im just not allowed to try them?


Depends on the gamemode, which one are you trying to play?
Edit: As in which ones are on rotation.


In general the longest queues I get are about 3 to 5 minutes at really bad times in QP.

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You could always post in the Overwatch forums. You may need to wait a short time.



Got to disagree here, tf2 is way more fun than overwatch. Overwatch looks prettier tho. I actually did reinstall overwatch a few days ago since i only ever played 1 match in it


Hightower will always be the best memory I have.


New accounts take some time to match you initially. Id just QP to be honest


Overwatch is more fun to me , but dunno - I just started today :stuck_out_tongue: Its more fun to me cuz there are more rewards. In TF2 and CS:GO you play-play-play but the only reward is to get 1 weapon skin per week or two (cuz you may get spray…). In Overwatch you get chest when you level up. I still havent tried the Competitive cuz I need level 25 but in TF2 is boring as hell cuz there is no point of the ranks and there is no reward aswell.

I still cant get a game in the new “Arcade Mode” (8 player FFA, 6v6 flags, 4v4 Team Deathmatch) but Quick Mode is pretty fast - a few sec queue. Thats why Im asking if the Arcade Mode is bugged or nobody play it - it give you 1 box/chest per first win but cant get a game for hours.


Cosmetic rewards yes. i dunno about csgo never played that one, but tf2 gameplay feels more rewarding on the decisions you make weaponwise and how good you are with it. Also in tf2 alot of stupid things happen that makes me giggle all the time.

While overwatch is way more about playing the meta with moba like champions with afew skills and a ulti. Sure cosmetic rewards for free are nicer than in tf2 in wich you can take ages to get good free cosmetics, overwatch is just way more focused on competition and meta with a moba like gameplay, it just gets boring way more quickly than tf2.

Fat russian with a ballerina outfit and a sandwich > some scientist talking gorilla


I have one advice for you for Overwatch stay away from competitive mode for now until you get enough skill and it’s super toxic and offensive with some of the worst people in any fps game I learned new insults and swear words from playing there.:joy:Stay in QP and arcade for now.Also you would often get people swallowing their mics to yell at you cause they have issues themselves.Ow competitive makes league community look like sunshine :sun_with_face: and :rainbow:.

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As someone who never played online shooters in my whole life, and having quit any kind of co-op shooting games ever since I was 8 playing CS with irl friends, I have to say getting into overwatch and jumping straight into competitive was interesting, I got to learn all kinds of stuff about my ethnicity, my mother, my family, and apparently my dad isn’t my real dad :joy: but it was some random online player usually younger than me.

So yeah I’d say stay away from competitive until you’re used to the game and are confident and are ready to deal with toxic people… ALOT.


I Quit OW because I couldn’t take the toxicity anymore I started to have high blood pressure problems from people in there so I stopped I am not joking I wish I was :pensive:.Also the first time I got called a communist was in Overwatch because I am a Slavic person :rage:.Although I can imitate Zarya cause I have the accent.

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