Is it just me or is anyone else get overwhelmed with all the abilities?

I have all my bars completely full and trying to narrow down the main 4 or 5 attacks and still feel like i’m missing a few.

I see TP BK RSK & FOF seem to be the main attacks for what i can figure out, with Whirling Dragon punch when procs or Spinning crane on proc but I still have all these other skills not sure where to fill in or if i am prioritizing correctly. Expel Harm, Chi Wave, Fist of White tiger, where do these fit in?

Would love some help on some priorities please, i feel very overwhelmed on to the skills and really wanting to give WW a go here.

Thank you ahead of time, really much appreciated.

Most important thing on Windwalker is this: Never cap Energy, Never cap Chi, use RSK/FOF/WDP as soon as they are ready.
So your prio is based on the ressources you are currently at.
Expel harm is the best Energy to Chi ratio so you want to use that ASAP when it gets ready
Fist of the White tiger is the 2nd best option, Tiger palm is the worst for Chi generation.
Chi wave is marginally better than Eye of the Tiger singletarget for lvl 15 Talents while being an active ability, with Chi Burst always better at 2+ targets since it gives you free Chi basically.
Using Spinning crane kick single target is possible but depends on many factors
Your best show for indepth but also begginer stuff is peakofserenity.com where Babylonius explains pretty much everything
Read up on some stuff and if you got any more specific questions that are somewhat easier to answer via Forum just reply again or hit me up on Bnet Lasi#2413 or Discord Wajoba#9927

Thank you, did you peak at my talents to see if I was set up okay? I will be doing M+ and Pvp

3 3 2 3 2 3 2 for M+/Aoe/2+ targets
1 3 2 3 2or3 (depending on enemies) in pvp 3 2

have you bindet your mousewheel?

Mousewheel up
Mousewheel down
Shift+Mousewheel up
Shift+Mousewheel down

thats the only ‘‘trick’’ i can drop for a windwalker

for mistweaver there are several macros that lets you have heals and kicks on the same button

also i recommend a mouse with sidebuttons


if you’re a starter, ya don’t have to bother so much about every perfect meta talent, if you feel overwhelmed stick to :

  • eye of the tiger (lvl15)
  • ascension (lvl30)

you’re simply gonna focus on getting your whirling dragon punch ready to use and fill in with Palm / Expel harm or Blackout kick when the combo (fists and rising kick) are on cooldown.

then with a few time and understanding the talent(30) fist of white tiger will feel really really necessary to you, while the ones on first row have a fairly low impact (unless chi burst if you play covenant fae, it works really well triggering the fae ability)

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