Overwolf & Blizzard Addon Policy

It takes 5 second to manual copy paste your add-ons :slight_smile: , i never used cr.ap like that .
1st U have to create an account
2 they all have tracking cookies
3 questionable companies


I wouldn’t circumvent the language filter, it’s against CoC :wink:

It will definitely make addon management take longer to manually grab them again and people may not check daily like they do with the addon managers. But it will certainly be better than using Overwolf.

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I will do the same.

The only way to get the message through is if people refuse to use any of them.

I managed it in the old days np :rofl:

A lot are available from github so we just need addon makers to get on board with using that and possibly having a desktop that can just pull them all from there instead.


I’m quite lucky because my addon list is very small.

I check addons every day, so manual updating will be a pain, but I’d rather do that than sell my soul to something like overwolf.


The original statement:

Now would be a perfect time for blizz to release that they are taking over everything addon related and has it in a tab section of the launcher. Fingers crossed.

I only use a handful of addons which im now glad for. Back in the day i used to manually install/update the addons but since i have forgotten how xD.
I trust the community to guide me on how to do that again. :smiley:


I would love for Blizz to just have an extra tab on the launcher where you could pick up the various addons. No adds, no personal data being sold. Just a gateway to download/update/search.


Daily check ? :slight_smile:
Most addons tell u in game they are out of date .
I only use couple of them anyways , for me installing them looks a way better option .

Some do, some don’t.

I currently run 39 addons on Retail and that’s after removing a load recently :grinning:


I don’t wanna see your ui :smiley:

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Tbh, I wait for one to break and then update it.

The big problems I hit are ElvUI which will start nagging (ok fine, 30 seconds to upgrade), or DBM will stop working because it’s decided it is too old. Also 30 seconds.

I dunno if there are addons that really, truly need updating daily, but the majority will just keep on working for months, minus whatever new feature that I’d never notice was there :slight_smile:

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My UI is fairly clean, not all addons are on screen tbf, I hate clutter

I just wish Blizzard would intervene on this. I’d rather they’re getting ad revenues instead of this damn overwolf.

Overwolf is only getting many dissatisfied users right before launch, which is a spectacular PR fail !


I don’t think ElvUI is on curseforge and I haven’t heard of tukui blocking wowup from accessing their api so at least for that it should still work?

DBM is a pain indeed, but at least it wines and wines so we’ll know to manually download the new version. xD


Wowup is supporting update elvui and all tukui addons.

You can update ElvUI via addon managers.

I just uninstalled Overwolf, since it comes with teamspeak. I indicated that I would not use it any more and that they shouldn’t remove API acces from addon managers if they don’t integrate. Hopefully they will see the negative feedback and rethink their choices.

If the choice is between overwolf or manually updating my gigantic list of addons it could be a very big reason for me to just quit the game… I can’t imagine playing it without addons and have hated overwolf since day 1.

Every experience I’ve had with them is them trying to force themselves down my throat.

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