Ozumat, is it a Loa ?


Since I’ve been doing the time walking dungeons today for the weekly i have been through the old dungeons from cata and saw Ozumat the Kraken again. I’ve had a look on the wiki pages but no info, possibly because we’ve never had any follow up info from cata but i wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about Ozumat being a Loa or wild god.

The only info i can find is …

Ozumat is the patriarch of all kraken. It appears to be in the service of the Old Gods, fighting alongside the naga and faceless ones during Final Judgment and Defending the Rift. It is the final boss of the Throne of the Tides in Cataclysm and makes several appearances during the Vashj’ir storyline.

We’ve seen that with Loa and wild gods plus others that there is a structure where all animals or dragons are all decendants of one entity, so i wondered was this a simular situation here with Ozumat. Also we’ve seen before (Hir’eel - bat loa) where a Loa can fall under an old gods power or chooses to join them. We’ve also seen for the first time a ocean based Loa with Gril the shark so it’s possible.

I just wondered if this was the case or if Ozumat was a throw away character just created for Cata.

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