Pages of Fear and Flesh how to repair incorrect text

A heads up for those doing the Legendary cloak quests, when you log in, if you have a quest for the next cloak rank it may still say you need xxx pages.

This is a visual bug only, for rank 10-11 you need 4 not 8, and I assume it is the same for other levels as well.

if it is really bugging you, You can repair this by quitting WOW and clearing your Cache folder and logging back in - the quest text should correctly display.



I found a character who was on one of the 6-page steps. In-game, it showed as 6 pages needed. Abandoned and re-took, still showed 6 pages needed.

Cleared Cache.

Now showed as 4 pages needed.

None of the steps should now require more than 4 pages.

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