Pala Game and Classdesign is very bad!

No fun to play as a press 3-4 Buttons how fast you can and this again, again and again Class.

Respectfully disagree. Just vibe with high apm of few rotational spells.

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Yeah, I think you’re in a minority on this one. Ret is particularly fun to play at the moment, with lots of fluidity and very little bloat.

Edit: Of course what is fun is subjective, so you do you! I just think you’re in a minority re your statement that the current design is bad. Holy is probably in the trickiest spot, but even that doesn’t need massive changes.


Nah its fun, you only have to press fast with PI+BL to get Perfect imputs for max execution sentence dmg in that unique burst window.

high apm = fun
always has been

if that’s all you’re doing you can’t be playing very well 3-4 buttons when you have at least three builders more if you’re belf and two spenders , you should be the situational god dealing with affix’s , pumping damage, healing and popping CR’s, abusing the hell out of all of your defences to be the unstoppable force to deal with absorb mechanics.


And this is why Paladin plays so well. The core rotations are quite small, with short cooldowns, and any extra buttons are for defensives or situational tools requiring judgement.

Some other specs, particularly DPS (hello, Arcane!) require much longer and more involved rotations to achieve the same effect.

Anyone who thinks ret is fun has never had fun. Its so boring when u have double charges of damige cooldowns and crusading strike is not fun and it should be removed, as a long time ret pvp player i actually miss pressing cs and not having 2 cds of it same goes for judg and boj

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