Paladin in dragonflight, more specifically ret

Lot of people have been bashing paladin talent trees, after they got revealed and rightfully so, but i think there are some simple things to make it much more interesting. Like for example slight rework of final reckoning to mirror its current functionality to healing and making it last 10 seconds and adding it to the class tree as choice node to compete with something like 2 minute cooldown to increase critcal chance by 20% and make you explode for damage for holy power spent like current sanctified wrath call it avenging wrath: justice or something, and making it combine with regular wings. then another choice node i think would be cool is node with slightly reworked holy avenger something like 1 minute cooldown that doubles your holy power generation for 10 seconds to line up with final reckoning, and it would compete with something like 2 minute cooldown that increases healing by 20% plus makes you explode for healing when you spend holy power and combines with all othet avenging wraths, lets call it avenging wrath:mercy for now. And lot of people dont seem to like the choice between the avenging wrath: might and crusade, i feel like avenging wrath might should be 30% damage increase, to properly compete with crusade and in addition if it was in class tree if possible make it automatically avenging crusader for holy, and crusade for prot and ret or sentinel for prot. And with these changes all in class tree in place of the boring nodes like haste avoidance crit, would in my opinion give you choice to enhance your wings even further cause even though they are great they havent been feeling like you are the amazing crusader hitting all that hard. And then on the other hand if you wish to boost your wingless rotation you could opt for the 1 minute second burst window getting. And while doing this the dragonflight sanctified wrath should be all generators generate one additional holy power not just judgement cause thats lame as hell. I know most people (the few) who might read this post probably disagree with me but i feel like this would be great way to get rid of the pointless nodes and adding more spec specific things like bring back greater blessings for every spec. These were some thoughts that came to mind and id be happy if anyone of them got into the game. But i hope atleast someone finds this post interesting and entertaining. And thank you.

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