Paladin set appearance in The War Within

What on earth were you thinking when you designed it… The shoulders are horrendous! I know Paladins have many decent tmogs but, my god, the new set is hideous.

Thoughts, fellow Paladins?


I don’t know if it will look any better with the helm, but so far the wings ruin it.

I dont like it either. Imagine it on a dwarf.
Prot paladins running around in cute wings and silky outfit.
But at least, the set doesnt contain pink g-string or mini skirt. Yet.
That shoulder is hideous.
I see heart shape on the front (chest), heart shape on the back. With the shoulder, the whole set has a hearth shape.
It looks so gay.
I think this set is an insult, lol. Maybe its a priest set, but they posted it as paladin set, by mistake. Lets hope!

The only good think about this set in my opinion: I like the purple-yellow color combination. But ofc I ll never wear it.

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But think of the opportunity! This set + transmog back wings + four wings glyph. That’s 8 wings! 8! That’s a lot of wings!


Which should only be acquired when consuming Redbull. >:(


Redbull adds 2 more wings, and if a holy priest wings you, it’s 2 more. 12 WINGS! IT CAN’T POSSIBLY GET BETTER!


xD I’m hoping the derpy face and bald head ruined the looks of the shoulders, but I ain’t getting my hopes up.

Jokes aside, I also do not like the set. But given that in DF, paladins had 3 sets that ranged from fairly good to good, I think a bad set can be endured in S1. Surely a banger in S2.

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In my humble opinion, just make adjustments to the shoulders. Put those wings way down. Like, way, way down. They are really hideous like this. But everything else looks nice.

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What do you mean? You don’t want to run around in the old Priest T5?

Yeah, the set looks horrific. Can whoever does the priest sets come and design our set please. It would be nice to get at least one good looking pally set. We’ve not had one in years

as a main pala all i can say about the appearance is …/cry … lack of ideeas …that set is when you draw blindfolded … you want to do something but when you finish is something that you look @ it and throw up

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Where may i see the sets at?

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Hm not to bad i can think of a few better designs but they’re moving in the right dirrection with the wings.

Are you kidding? They’re terrible.

That’s your opinion. Don’t try to keep others’s opinions out. We live in a free country.

You can also add the wings from the Darkmoon Faire toy.

Why they gave use solid fluff ball wings is just wow we want long animated inarius style wings damn it!

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My thoughts are: This is a terrible looking set