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Hello there! I started playing retribution paladin this season and im having so much fun playing it but sometimes I feel like im not doing enough to help my party so I come here looking for help.
My main focus is m+ and I would like to ask veteran paladin players how they manage defensives or party abilities.
For example spells like blessing of sacrifice and blessing of protection. I dont know when should I use them, I mean I use blessing of protection on first boss on WM, parasite on last boss of BRH and blessing of sacrifice when I use my divine shiled but nothing else. Any advice? (M+ s3 oriented)

use sac on cooldown when another party member has a big debuff or a oneshot mechanic on himself while in an off-personal-cd window. (track cds of party members with omniCD)

use bop on physical damage or aggroloss of tank for you or others. e.g. in WM also the gorgers jumping with a bleed debuff, or when somebody fails the frontals in Rise trash at start.)

use divine shield for you to avoid death

use loh on others to avoid their death

use ur personals on yourself to reduce damage intake (in bosses mostly on cooldown, otherwise on not kicked casts etc)

use WoG - as a dps loss - only, only if LoH is overkill and anything above doesnt make sense.

BoP for aggro loss is usually a huge overreaction. If you have no better use for it, don’t spec it. If you have a better use for it, save it for that better use.

You can BoP Soul Thorns on the tree boss in Waycrest Manor. I like to use it on the first thorns since I route it so we lust there, and I don’t want that lust hampered by the thorns. You can also use it on whatever thorns happens before tank clears, if (no pun intended) tank makes that clear. Soul Thorns is also a good use for Blessing of Sacrifice, because there’s no random damage that’s going to punish you for giving up some health for your party member.

You can BoP Growing Paranoia on Shade of Xavius.

You can BoP pretty much any bleed (Ravencrest if you coordinate it with your tank, Illysanna, snapdragons in TotT).

The plants in Everbloom stack -speed +dmg taken on the tank (up to like 60%), and you can counter that with Blessing of Freedom. The wasps poison players, and I can say from healing that dungeon on a priest that it’s frustrating how many globals I have to invest into healing that poison while rets go deus vult instead of dispelling :stuck_out_tongue:

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aggro loss means insta death of a melee dps, so no it isnt a overreaction. hpals use it all the time for this cause

yeah use freedom for tree boss in dht to walk through the plants also and stuff. just read the abilities where u can use it

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U can also use buble/bop on rezan if u have nothing else so u dont have to run .

I like to use buble on last in atal to clear spiders when we get too overwhelmed and they are stacked .

Plenty of good spots to use both realy, some are better to be discussed first tho , and most will come naturaly as u play longer and do higher keys .

Fall: Sac whoever gets the blight on third boss

Dawn: nothing special

Waycrest: Bop/LoH/Sac the Jagged Nettles on first boss, 2nd boss BoP a Thorns

BRH: BoP/Bubble to run up the stairs fast and soak all the boulders, on 2nd boss you can BoP/Sac Brutal Glaive, especially on Tyrannical, third boss you can soak a lot of charges with Shield of Vengeance for extra damage and saving other utility

DHT: On 2nd boss you can use Freedom to clear the roots to avoid adds spawning, use Sac here on squishy targets during the Stomp (Hunter’s/Evoker’s/Shaman’s)

Everbloom: Quite a lot you can do here, Freedom the stacks from the little flowers on your tank, poison dispel the Stinger’s dot, BoP/Sac a squishy target on the final boss while the add is up

ToTT: nothing special, just cleanse a lot

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