Paladin wings

Why are the paladin’s wings so ugly? They used to be beautiful. You ruined them. You can draw beautiful wings whenever you want.

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Personally the new wing animations feel ‘fluid’, but yeah in case you want the older wings, you can get a glyph gives you the older wings (4 of em).

The old wings are the Melee Wings.
But yes, use glyph. buy from Auction House

Why can’t we leap like Yrel can in hots?

That would be a glorious ability to get. I was hoping that would be a Heroic Talent but next expac. but alas. Doesnt look like it. I guess its just too similar to Heroic leap that Warriors have

But paladins are holy warriors so just add a holy flavor to it maybe an Al’druin leap like Tyrael has in hots.

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Yeah that would be cool.

Yeah, Pallys are in a great place for DPS, Utility and Survivability. But we are definetly lacking… spice. Just some really crazy/fun abilities