[Pandaren RP] Pandaria Tavern Nights - 31/03 - Halfhill

Pandaria, a land of beauty and vibrant culture, yet intertwined with the denizens of this ancient land is their love and refinement for the production of brew. From Stormstout to Goldendraft, from Wanderbrew to…Mudmug? These beverages are famed throughout the land for their harmony of flavours and aromatics that make each cup a cherished work of art.

Greetings to all! Pandaria Tavern Nights began on 29/04/21 by Krasarang with the explicit aim of bringing together the Pandaren community on a regular basis as well as encouraging the would-be Pandaren characters of the future to dip their toes into one of the most vibrant and lore-rich races in the Warcraft universe.
A standard night of tavern/social roleplay. People are drawn together by the deep love for our community and our desire to see it flourish.

Date: 31/03/23
Time: 20:00 - Ends when it ends.
Venue: Halfhill Tavern - Valley of the Four Winds
Items required: Elixir of Tongues (to be able to read emotes cross-faction) and an Inky Black Potion Feel free to attend, we look forward to meeting new faces!

Please note, this event is directed towards Pandaren roleplayers and creating roleplay among the Pandaren community , so we ask that you consider attending on a Pandaren character to experience Pandaria from a different perspective.


I doubt I’ll be able to make this one but I hope it goes well! These tavern nights are always a joy to attend!


might wanna fix that.

Sounds like fun. not sure if i can come, but i will let you know.

Im on the Sylvanas realm so might need an invite.


This is tonight!

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This month’s tavern night is 25/02, at Anglers’ wharf!


Two days until the tavern night!


Been away from RP for a long time and looking to come back. A Pandaren might be a nice new change for me so I may make one and come along to see how it feels. Is there anything I can do to be ready to understand the basics of Panraren RP?

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Doing quests in Pandaria helps immensely, in terms of understanding how the life there works. Just don’t do them on the char you’re planning to RP as, it may cause a lot of phasing issues with the characters that haven’t done them (mostly everyone).

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The next date is set for 31/03 in Halfhill tavern!