[Pandaren RP] The 8th Celestial Tournament 07/07 - 10/07

Notices are pinned on boards in various inns around the continent, inviting locals to come and join the festivities of the eighth quarterly Celestial Tournament. A faded tracing of Niuzao accompanies the text written within.
“Warm greetings to all, the Celestial Circle would like to invite all locals to join them at the Shrine of Fellowship in the jade forest for four days starting on 07/07 of festivities where we are holding our eighth quarterly tournament to find out which Celestial most favors us now. A champion of Niuzao took the title last time, will they be able to hold it? Come along to find out! Maybe it will be you who will be crowned champion? There will be fights to watch, food and drink to be had, other games and festivities! Hope to see you there!
~Sujee Springbreeze of the Celestial Circle”

-Exceptions will be made to outsiders that are friends with Pandaren that are participating. Outsiders cannot enter the tournament, but may participate in the games outwith it.
-Merchant characters are welcome to open a stall and trade their wares in the upper plateau, food, drink, trinkets, whatever! the CC will have food carts up to serve!
-All Jinyu, Hozen and Grummles are also welcome and can enter the tournament

Each day is themed around a Celestial, with a game to be played based around them that anyone can play at any time.
Friday - Niuzao: Drinking competition. (Thee who drinks the most, wins)
Saturday -Yu’lon: Yu’lons Trail of Wisdom (A puzzle solving orienteering course)
Sunday - Chi-Ji: Poetry and Storytelling, the game of hope and winds. (Try to win the race without your candle going out)
Monday -Xuen: Board breaking (Can you break the bamboo, wood or stone blocks with just your paw?)

Entering the tournament:
The tournament is split into two categories, with two competitions to compete in. We will use rolls to determine winners, do not enter the tournament if you think your char would wipe the floor with it, RNG might not be in your favor.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Melee prowess: Anyone may enter the tournament before it begins on friday (Pandaren, Jinyu, Hozen), sign ups will be done IC near the arena. The IC rules are simple, strike your opponent three times to win, force of blow does not matter, only that the opponents defences are broken past. Blunted weapons and no magic. - A champion of the melee will be crowned after the finals on sunday.

Monday:Sword and Sorcery: Only Celestial Circle members may enter this competition, the rules are the same as the previous except this time use of magic is also allowed. - The Celestial Circles celestial champion will be crowned at the end.

Other details
Please DM me or reach out to me if you have any ideas you would like to contribute to the event like set up a stall or anything, or would like more information. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Remember your tongues pots
Cross Fac Raid will be formed on the days
The entire tournament is contained within the summit of the Shrine of Fellowship in the Jade Forest.
Fighting starts 2000 realm time


Three weeks left! Hope to see a lot of Pandaren gather for it this time!

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This is next weekend!


So exciting! Years ago this was the event that introduces me to Pandaren roleplay! Definitely worth checking out! (I am biased but right) :innocent:

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The tourney starts today!

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