Pandaren speaking with Hordies and Alliance while on their Starting zone


Hiya, after doing another pandaren character i started to wonder this, how could Pandaren speak with Horde and Alliance while on their starting zone? Both didn’t know about their existence (I suppose) and somehow they can communicate. Please someone explain this for my newbie mind.


Lol at that Guild name.

Anyway, I think I read somewhere that there is the Common language (which is known in-game only by Alliance characters) that is magically spoken by everything, all races. Some, depending on intellect, might not speak it as fluid as others, but it’s still spoken across the cosmos. Hence the name.

But I don’t remember where I read it. xD So don’t take my word for it. Just something I remember.


Game mechanics. I wouldn’t think too much into it, they couldn’t realistically have made it any other way.

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You’re actually right.

Common is the common, universal language spoken by every intelligent and semi-intelligent live. It is thought that the Titans might have something to do with that as it seems to be their language.

The tauren, night elves, furbolg and earthen all spoke common 10,000 years ago during the War of the Ancients as this was the only language everyone of the races could speak. And even now many races learn or inherently speak common, as even Garrosh Hellscream a non-native orc, spoke common during Tides of War.

According to the WoW Battle Chest Guide:

Dwarves and gnomes learned it for trade purposes with the humans. Their children learn Common alongside their respective native languages.

According to High Nethermancer Zerevor:

Some blood elves find Common to be a crude language.


Hmm, i don’t think that Pandaren that were isolated from the rest of the world would have any reason to still learn Common after all this years. Most of them just spoke Pandaren language.

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Except they weren’t truly isolated, where they?

The Pandaria Pandaren where isolated because of the Mists™, but the Wandering Isle Pandaren all travelled around the world on their great turtle’s back.



While I believe that discussions about gameplay design decisions are not right in story forum, I do net see the problem here.

Why do you thing they can not unterstand each other? Ask Chen & Li Li if it is so. The speak perfectly with both factions.

Much funnier fact about languages ist:

  • (A)PC can talk to Jaina,
  • (H)PC can talk to Jaina,
  • (A)PC can talk to Thrall,
  • (H)PC can talk to Thrall,
  • Thrall can talk to Jaina,
  • Jaina can talk to Thrall,
  • (A)PC can’t talk to (H)PC,
  • (H)PC can’t talk to (A)PC

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Whilst the ‘Everyone speaks Common’ statement and the ‘Because Game mechanics’ are both totally correct, and are my go to response normally, the Pandaren are an interesting case, because isn’t Pandaren as a language actually Mogu? I seem to remember reading that, that the Pandaren do not have their own language, after so long as slaves, but actually speak the language of their oppressors?

I mean such is not unheard of in our own world even without oppressors in the same way, the Russian aristocracy at the time of the Napoleonic Wars actually spoke French better than they did Russian (until French fell out of favour for obvious reasons), the actual Language of the country called England sounded a lot more like Welsh, until Saxon and then Norman invaders shaped it into what it is today. Actual spoken ‘English’ as a language has completely vanished. We know it was -like- Welsh, but not the same as Welsh.

Now the real confuser is how ‘Common’ is so prevalent, because it seems to transcend Species, not just that, but even more bizarrely, it transcends -planets- Both Orcs and Draenei are Alien to Azeroth, yet both were able to communicate, right from the point of their arrival. Now if -that- sounds bizarre (which it is) then it gets even freakier, as apparently Common is spoken by the natives of an alien planet, from a different reality and time! (WoD)

All of which is absolutely baffling, so to be honest, as someone posted, the simple answer is “Because Game Mechanics”.


With regards to the Pandaren, don’t forget that the races of Pandaria would have interacted with the Night Elves, Tauren, etc pre-sundering. What is now Pandaria was south of Zin’Azshari and the Well of Eternity, surrounded by Night Elven and Zandalari lands.

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