Pandaria Remix - Best Choice?

Hey I need the forums help on deciding what class to level (I haven’t got too much time to play and would like to make the most of it).

I’ve got a hunter main in retail and was wondering how collecting tmogs in the remix works, if I should also go for a hunter to get those sweet mail mogs (is it even relevant?) or if I can play whatever class cause it doesn’t carry over.

Also wanted to ask if faction is relevant at all, and how other players have decided what race and class to play (is it that easy to level and is it worth doing several characters or is it better to max one out for rewards?)

Thanks in advance for any replies! <3


I am certain you should be able to buy everything on one character. Most tmogs are however in the base game, but there are few exclusive ones. But again, it shouldn’t matter what class are u on.

All remix characters and everything you collect will tranfer to normal game once the event ends.

By collectibles, it shouldn’t, by instances (Raids, dungs) no idea yet.

I had no idea either, so I have rolled faction, then race and then class and ended up with Goblin Mage X) Something I probably wouldn’t start out of myself.

I would say maxxing one might be better, however it takes 3 months, and the lvling is quite fast so I guess it is possible to even max more than one. Not sure tho.

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You do get the “basic leveling greens” of your class, that are attain-able during the leveling phase in Retail as well.

For the specific T-mogs, you have vendors that sell every raid set T-mog, and a few unique sets. The event-specific have immediately below the name “Pandaria Re-mix”, so you know they’re bound to the event.

So for unique collectibles, you can play whatever. If you want to collect the “leveling greens” of your armor type, then play that armor type, but those can be got in Retail aswell.

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