<Panic> H recruiting

Panic a newly formed softcore raiding guild is looking for members between lvl 55-60.
We are looking for ppl who want to start raiding but fell behind due to work and family or are simply not very social and had a hard time finding a community. We try to do some things differently so if you couldn’t find your place among the leading guilds we might just be the place for you.

Take the time to read our detailed guild-guidelines posted on our discord channel created for this single purpose and if you can face this challenge you are probably good to go.

You can find the link to our discord channel on the Ten Storms server’s Discord under the guild-recruitment-horde tab.

This is an international guild with Hungarian founders so if any of our few brothers and sisters are looking for a new home you are welcome here.

Contact Xsion ingame for some quick questions and answers.

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