Paragon reputation in Shadowlands

Looks like paragon rep works only for your covenant rep.I am exalted with Night Fae(my covenant) and Court of the Night,but I am not getting any more rep for doing the dailies for CotN.
I couldnt find an answer anywhere. Anyone knows is that normal or is it a bug? I mean,whats the point of doing the dailies after upgrading Sanctum?Getting 50 gold?Lame…

It does work for other covenant reps. For the Ascended paragon rep, you can turn it in at heros rest. Got it yesterday as a necrolord.

Court of Night and Avowed is minor factions with no paragon rep.

It does work for other major factions you mean,4 in total.
So,as I said,no point for doing dailies and other stuff that would give “non-major” factions rep.
Lame lame lame :slight_smile:

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