Paralysis combat rules for Mythic+?


I want to know when Paralysis pulls mob packs and/or when it puts you in combat, mainly to skip packs when necessary in M+. I did some testing in the open world and this is what I’ve think I’ve found:

  • Paralysis does not pull or put you in combat when you are able to maintain distance from the Paralysed mob. This means you can walk past the Paralysed mob and surrounding mob pack without getting in combat if you maintain appropriate distance. Also nothing happens to the mob and its surrounding mob pack when the Paralysis ends, assuming you maintained enough distance initially. Are these assumptions correct?
  • If you can’t walk past the mob (pack) with enough distance, you can create distance by Paralysing the mob first and then Ring of Peace knocking him to create a bigger gap between you and the mob (pack). Ring of Peacing a mob into its surrounding pack, does not pull or put you in combat, again assuming you maintain enough distance. Are these assumptions correct?

Thanks in advance.

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Para its not a true incap. Mobs will allways agro you if you come close. Same with frost trap. Sap and prison are true incaps tho. What you want to do is para and rop mob furthest distance.yes you are correct. That way you do skips on monk. Unfair i know but what can you do.


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