Partner cant remove authenticator


I partner is having major issues with Customer Support and we need some help. We both recently decided return to the game I had no issues but she no longer has the phone with the assigned Authenticator.

She contacted CS to get it removed, sending through photo ID and was told her name is different on the account and to send any forms proving she has changed her name

Well she hasnt changed her name and CS dont seem to want to listen and just keep replying saying send forms through proving she has changed her name

What can we do, We have sent ID, details about her, her account, DoB everything we can think of and we arent getting any help. Its been 3 days now

Please help

Did she send in the ID from the affected account? i.e. if you sent her ID but from your account… the name would not match… just checking…

Yes, she sent it through on her own. She had to do it as someone not logged in though as obviously she cant get on hers lol :stuck_out_tongue:

She didn’t save the authenticator restore code anywhere and forgot about it did she?

No unfortunately

Did she create the Bnet account with her real name? I only ask as I know many players in the past used fake names to protect their identity which has proved troublesome in cases like this.

Yeah it was definitely her real name. As I was the one who created it for her. Is there like a call centre number to contact Blizzard on.

This waiting 24hours for every reply is crazy

There isn’t unfortunately. There is Live Chat but I believe the hours for that may have been reduced during the current pandemic. Was the ID you provided officially recognized? i.e. Passport, Driving License?

Also, is she ABSOLUTELY sure she is trying to log into the correct Bnet account?

Hey everyone,

I’ve flagged the solution as that was most definitely the issue here, however it also appears to have since been resolved.