"Pass it forward"

Note: Originally I posted this on the General Classic page, but as my story originates from this server, I feel it’s only right to also share it here. May it serve as a reminder of how beautiful our server community is.

Throughout my levelling experience I witnessed the kindness of other higher level fellow-players who would spend their time to help me with a trivial and tedious for them tasks, but of importance to me. From dungeon boost to simply get a quest done, to killing elite mobs, assisting me with the escort quest in Redridge, help me deal with the evil noble quest in Stormwind’s Keep garden, and so on.

I always felt obliged to repay the kindness of those Heroes with some gold or anything I could spare as a lower level character, perhaps even assist them in the future when I will be stronger.

They declined.

Their only request was to pass the kindness forward. "Just pass it forward " they told me and smiled. And I intend to do so and so should you who read this topic.

“Pass it forward” both in game and out of the game. Attitudes like these go beyond pixelized fantasy words, although they are created in them.

P.S: Damn how I love this game and I missed it…It and it’s community…OUR community.


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