Patch 8.2 and Rogue Stealth (what stealth?)


Hope this is the right channel to post this.

Stealth (at least for assassin rogue) very obviously broken since 8.2.

As assa rogue, there is no point in vanishing or going into stealth after getting OOC when there is any kind of enemy with any kind of dot (source: my dots) on them.

Any bleeds, poisons or similar of mine on any target will get me out of stealth.

Completely broken, assa unplayable in pvp right now. Try playing a rogue without stealth.

Please fix ASAP.

There have been issues with breaking out of stealth for all rogues, triggered by who knows what in the past (I mean no combat log entries for any kind of activity, but stealth broke). Even before 8.2. But those were rare and random.

This right now is laughable. Not sure if connected to new azerite neck traits or who knows what, but I was under the impression these things are tested on BETA / PTR servers.

Is Blizz really wondering why subcription numbers are dropping? The sloppy rollouts with a lot of bugs only being one of many reasons btw.

Sorry for rant. But can’t play a class that is balanced around stealth mechanic without stealth.

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I feel you. Rogues’ defence was and still is stealth and a number of CC, as someone would say Rogues’ defence is the attack. On 2 min Vanish and Cloak of Shadows should remove DoTs and everything else to let a player to restore resources before next strike. Rogues need something to get clear perhaps on longer CD.

IMO, classes/specs like Druid and Rogue who use stealth should also be immune to any AoE. Ferals only lose first CC whilst Rogues lose cooldowns. There is subterfuge that kind of compensate it.


UPDATE:I think I found the problem. The moment I take off my azerite neck with the trait BLOOD OF THE ENEMY in it (Rank 3), I dont get knocked out of stealth any more. Hi

I assume its due to my assassin rogue dots on enemies triggering the trait buff (stacking up crit on rank 2 or higher, the passive part of the trait).

Everytime this happens I get knocked out of stealth. Hope there will be a fix urgently, its one really annoying bug that makes pvp impossible as stealth class.


You should make a bug report in-game. I do not think Blizzard checks for bug reports here.


I was pushing a key and i get out of stealth just after i used my shroud i was like what the hell is this bug it’s not the first i notice i get out of stealth for no reason. But now it start fking my keys i decide to google this and i realise i’m not crazy. For the neck i’m playing iris as major and lucid dreams as minor, in raid i’m playing condensed life force as major and still lucid dreams as minor and still i have the probleme so i’m not sure it’s about the azerith essences, some ppl say it’s the lvl 30 subterfuge talent the probleme. I can’t imagine playing without this. Blizzard please wake up fix your game


This happens every time at the start of orgozoa for me. The moment the tank tags the boss I get pulled out of stealth and I have to stay in the back and wait to restealth and hopefully not get hit by anything. Many times it’s completely ruined my opener. Very annoying

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