Patch 9.0.5 PTR is Now Available

We’ve opened the Public Test Realm (PTR) for Patch 9.0.5, the next update to World of Warcraft, which is now in-testing and expected to be released in March.

This update will be a bit different from our usual patches. It’s focused almost entirely on systems, responding to community feedback about rewards, doing tuning that requires the sort of notice and iteration that a PTR allows, and fixing a range of bugs that are beyond the scope of our ability to hotfix. We know everyone is eager to hear about the next chapter in the Shadowlands saga and what new adventures and rewards it will bring, and we’ll have a lot more information on that in the very near future. In the meantime, we’ll use this patch to get changes into your hands faster than a large content patch would allow.

Here are two of the larger changes you’ll see in 9.0.5, with further iteration to follow over the next few weeks:

Upgradable Mythic Keystone Gear - The Return of Valor Points

We’ve seen a lot of feedback about the pros and cons of the various sources of gear in the Shadowlands endgame. After a rewarding first few weeks, we know that many dungeon-focused players reached a point where the only relevant rewards from the system come from the Great Vault. While the Vault should represent a major goal and the source of the best rewards the endgame has to offer, we want to find a way for the loot from the chest at the end of a challenging Mythic Keystone run to feel relevant, without bringing back random upgrade systems such as Warforging, which partially solved this problem in the past. We also want to provide a more consistent reward for the effort for players who do not receive an item at all.

The framework for a system that attempts to address these goals should be present in this first PTR update, subject to ongoing tuning and refinement. Gear from Mythic Keystone Dungeons is now upgradeable, initially with a cap of item level 200, which players can raise to item level 207 by completing all eight Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 5 or higher. This will award a new “Keystone Explorer” achievement, while the existing “Keystone Conqueror” achievement (for all +10s or higher) will increase the cap to item level 213, and then to item level 220 by completing the “Keystone Master” achievement for all +15s in time. The currency used to upgrade Mythic Keystone gear is Valor, which is earned from completing Mythic Keystone dungeons, or by doing covenant Callings, with a weekly cap. Upgrade costs will vary by item slot and will be consistent across all item levels.

Covenant and Legendary Tuning

We’ve deliberately used a very light touch with any hotfixes that might affect Covenant or Legendary balance, as we’re keenly aware of the resources players have invested in those systems. A patch, however, allows for ample notice for the community and a testing and feedback loop that should help ensure that we don’t unintentionally undermine your investment in your covenant or legendary items.

In many cases, the changes coming in 9.0.5 are improvements to Legendary items and Covenant class abilities that have seen comparatively less use by players. Our goal with these changes is to provide more gameplay options for crafting and utilizing Legendary items in specific situations, and to make sure that more players feel that the Covenant that suits their aesthetic, narrative, or other preferences for their character also feels more viable for their preferred playstyle.

We’ll have a number of bugfixes, tuning adjustments to other systems, and other changes coming to the PTR in the coming weeks.

The 9.0.5 PTR is available to all players via your Blizzard App. To test with us, go to the app and change your Game Version to Public Test Realm.

We greatly appreciate bug reports! As always, while testing on the PTR, you can submit a bug report for any item, spell, or object by mousing over it and selecting default hotkey F6. Bug reports created in this way include valuable metadata about the spell, your talents, and your player-state when the bug is submitted. If you’ve unbound your “Open Bug Report” hotkey, you can rebind it in Keybindings -> PTR.

If you wish to discuss issues related to this patch with other players, we’ve opened a discussion forum here.

Thank you for testing, and we look forward to your feedback!


Now this is something alot of players wanted, right? Shadowlands starting to look even better.


Valor Points, thank god for that.


a pve vendor.

I’m not sure about the whole cap of 200/207/213/220, which would basically make vault the end all be all yet again with zero method of getting there without vault drops. but overall it’s a big plus.

personally, I was hoping for the ability to choose and buy. Not get, then upgrade.


Vault rolls from all dungeon drops while if you have your M+ BiS on a low ilvl now you can push it up to 220 which IMHO is so close to max that it should be really good.


:fox_face: :beers:


yea. It’s better than what we got for sure. But it’s still running the dungeon and hoping to get what you needed. which may never happen in 40~50~100 runs. It would have been better if you could buy the gear you want with valor, same way you can buy it with honor or conquest.


But not as a currency for vendor gear which is

  1. Simple
  2. What we wanted

I like that you’re encouraging people to do all dungeons but I’m just tired of being given garbage and told to upgrade it. Why can’t we just buy an item we want right away with Valor Points?

PS what does this do for raid loot? Nothing. Makes the raid even less desirable.

I do love seeing a meaningful .5 patches though.


I fix it, raider still will only have 1 drop + 1 drop from chest by week. Yeah m+ will be the loot pinata again, it’s the only way this game mode can works…

220 for + completing all 15’s is way off. Simply getting 2100 rating is way better for me in terms of gearing. I would say getting all the 15s done and getting 2.1k are about the same in terms of respective effort. Consider upping it to 226, if it’s locked behind valour points it’s not as if being able to gear like this would be a problem, heck you already can with pvp from both conquest purchases / honour upgrades / weekly vault.


Oh i know. Even the current mythic+ is much better than raid gearing.

And it’s only about to get much much worse for raid.

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Can’t upgrade gear if it doesn’t drop.


It’s a nice step in the right direction. Just add the ability to target a specific piece of gear and it’s good.

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Sums it up perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Upgrade M+ gear with VP… will it be like MoP with the coins to upgrade gear twice?

Curious to know how this will effect current gear. Say a current 210 trinket. Do we need to refarm a new 200 upgradeable version or will current gear be upgradeable to the respective rank.

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Great. Now, when you ignore all our feedback and do whatever it is you want to (again), at least we know it’s intentional.


Music to my ears, or nudity for my eyes in this case.

I just hope they make it possible to switch covenants at least once with renown, sanctum upgrades, and companions carrying over, because it will be a slap in the face if you have to start from scratch.


This is what should have been done from the start rather than removing both titan forging and gear drops. Forging should have been a free bonus.