Path of Redemption is recruiting!

Path of Redemption is recruiting!
(formed in August 2016)

We are currently looking for social players, as well as those who are interested in social raids (normal) and Mythic+

Progression raid team (Heroic)-

Currently, our progression raid team is at capacity.

(This may eventually change, and any applicants who do join our guild could be considered for a position on the progression team in the future if they show they can perform to the standard and requirements needed.)

Social raid (Normal)-

On a Saturday of each week Path of Redemption forays into normal Nya’lotha! The Saturday raid is a chance to gear up alts or mains and have fun and relax with fellow guildies.

We ARE currently looking for players for our social raids!

All classes/specs are welcome, although if you are a tank/healer, we would ask that you are also comfortable in a dps off-spec, in case we have too many tanks/healers on certain nights.


We are also looking to recruit more players with an interest in Mythic+

Again, all classes/specs are welcome.

If you would like to know anything more about the guild before applying to us, please don’t hesitate to contact: Shalia, Kitteheal, Manadar, Alteril or Bamberene in game.

Our vision for the guild

To Recruit more players that are social, friendly and a little bit crazy just like us! We are a close-knit guild and love doing things together, from Mythic+ to raids.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild, and as such our focus is only Normal/Heroic raiding. Most of us have fulltime jobs and children, so time is limited.

Raid Progress

Battle of Dazar’alor


The Eternal Palace




Raiding day schedule-

Thursday: Progression raid 20:30-11:00pm server time

Saturday: Social raid 20:30-11:00pm server time

Applicant requirements

• Above the age of 21.

• Someone that can behave and be trusted with our guild name. We expect everyone to behave responsibly and maturely.

• Someone who is sociable and enjoys helping others.

• Someone who has an interest in raiding and is willing to take the responsibility of making sure they are prepared for raids and Mythic+ (flasks, enchants, etc)

If you think this is the right guild for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you do apply to the guild please be aware that you will be interviewed by two officers before joining and enrolled on a trial period for 30 days (90 for less active members) to make sure that this is the right guild for you.

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