Payment problem. Wrong national currency is shown in an account

Looks like wrong national currency is assigned to Ukraine.
Country in the account is set as Ukraine, however, currency for some reason is RUB instead of Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) or at least EUR or USD.
Strange to see this since Ukraine has no any relation to RUB.

Could you please fix it?

Thank you

Hello Chypa,

We currently only support payments in EURO, GBP and RUB currencies in Europe. This will be the reason why you are unable to pay in your local currency.

The currency shown in the shop and your account is determined by the country on your account.

I’m fine to pay in EURO, but I can’t do this because my account currency is NOT EURO? How to change it to EURO?
Link above is not helpful, the issue still exists


We currently use Rubles as the default currency for Ukrainian accounts, you may wish to pay in an alternative currency but we do not have a way for the currency to be changed from an assigned country/regional currency, sorry for the inconvenience.

yeh its kindda messed up i live in canada and i play on eu i paid to buy shadowlands blizz took 54euro thats 86.44 i think in cdn but now im sitting my account wont show i bought shadowlands i cant use my boost cant accesss majority of things cuz im still stuck on this dang starter trail perk thingy

Your problem is different than the OP’s, it’s very common that it can take up to 24 hours after upgrading that you experience restrictions like the boost not appearing yet, unable to trade etc. If you can however access the expansion content like the quests and such then it means your upgrade is being processed though.