PCTs Temporarily Unavailable

Just to confirm, Paid Character Transfers are available in this region again.

Update for May 20 at 2:00am CEST: The issues affecting Paid Character Transfers continue to be investigated and we don’t know when they will be available. Thank you for your continued patience.

Paid Character Transfers for both WoW Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic have been temporarily disabled. We currently expect to have these available again later today.

Thank you for your patience.


Thanks for the update.

do you have an estimated time for this?

Thanks. :slight_smile: What about buying dark portal pass for 58 Boost? Tried a few times. Says transaction being processed, then nothing?

Paid Character Transfers = Server transfer? XD serious question :S :S

yes… they are the same

Thanks! xD

ETA on this please?

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would be nice to know this tbh

hope they are up soon

ETA please.

open it noooow :slight_smile:

been waiting whole day to play =)

Just open it already. I have all my gold, mats and gear on another server i need for my paladin reeee

It’s unlikely we get another blue post. But after all the delays this morning can you PLEASE give us an update

yeah , i dont think is that hard to be honest about this kind of things and people dont waste their time waiting for something that ‘‘soon will be available’’…

What about boost? Is that disabled too?

Come on ffs. People have been waiting to transfer and play all day! If the boost service is up, why can’t this be? Oh yeah, 'cos the boost service is twice the price -_-


“We currently expect to have these available again later today.”

From what we just witnessed today on blizz twitter i think we can expect a blue post at 23:59 saying they will be delayed until tomorrow

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No, that is working.