[PCU] Eternal Sisterhood - Dawn of the Eternal Night 🌑

And we love Ligsette’s cool guild

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Wish they were as “Eternal” as the fake High-Priestess they worship… But alas this Sisterhood is still strong and going on long after their “true” High-Priestess perished!

This epic Nightborne guild is the one Roleplay guild every Nightborne should seek out atleast once in their roleplay career!


The are pretty cool even if they stink a lot.

Oh and the fact that they are not Elunes true children. No black eye blessing here. :sunglasses:


It’s been a busy week for the Eternal Sisterhood, not only have we had a fresh batch of new Acolytes sworn in to the true path of the divine goddess but the Matron and her Cohort have been plotting an incursion to the ruins of Nazjatar to bring the wrath of the goddess to those who dare to steal from us.

With the prepatch coming soon™ we have also been preparing to travel to the frozen north once again with our allies to join the [PCU/Conflict RP] Cold Front Two: Dragonblight [15/09 - 22/09] campaign hosted by our not so secret besties [PCU/H-RP] The Bilgewater Battalion - Forsaken Wanted - The Skull Cloaks 💀 and we’re on the lookout for even more Elune-fearing fanatics to join our ranks. If you’re in the business for an uncompromising cult of morally-grey priestesses and holy warriors look no further. The Server’s longest surviving Elunite Sisterhood needs YOU.

Edit: For legal reasons you are all my best friend.


Durb said you smell stinky and asked how you have eye colour if your eyes are black


Tonight is the finale of our Nazjatar campaign with [PCU/H-RP] The Bilgewater Battalion - Uncle Bedlam wants GOBLINS!, [PCU] Worgen/Night Elf RP - Dirge of Teldrassil 🌳, The Dustpaw Caravan (Sorry bros I cannot get your thread to link properly.) and [PCU] Horde Elf RP - Highblood Myrmidons 💫 as we seek to take revenge on the Azshara loving sea mutants for kidnapping one of the Eternal Sisterhood’s handmaidens. Tonight we shall storm the gate of the queen and take out the mysterious “Voice of Azshara” who has been orchestrating a dark plot against all of the orders present, with surprising knowledge of all the players at hand… will we succeed, or will we drown in the tides? Only time will tell.

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Thank you for the reminder!

P.S if you’re a Nightborne, not joining this guild is your biggest error! Don’t live in regret, join the Eternal!


Rumor has it tonight was freakin’ epic! A special shoutout to [PCU] Grunt RP - Hand of Conquest 💪 for donating their guild as extra NPC’s for both the Mistbreaker Rebel tribe and the Azshari Loyalist Naga. You were the real MVPs.

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After gaining the loyalty of a group of Naga rebels, it seems the Sisterhood has a week to rest up, recuperate and prepare for their next engagement. They will need it, for a cold wind is howling up north…

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Last night the Sisterhood set off to Feralas and the ruins of Eldre’Thalas to answer a call for aid by the Highblood Myrmidons. Arriving early, the Sisterhood first met the Order of Oronaar whose aid was also enlisted by the Myrmidons.

The elves and Draenei discussed their steps to remove a taint from one of the Myrmidons; an insidious corruption that has festered for far too long. Both the Myrmidons and the Sisterhood lent a pair of Arcanists who channeled a greater containment around the Blood Elf carrying the affliction, while the Oronaari Crystalbearer present would use the light to begin the purge.

Thus the company reconvened in the bottom of the courtyard-pit behind the gates of Eldre’Thalas and engaged in the ritual, soon discovering it was far stronger than they expected. As the afflicted elf fell over, a huge void-creature manifested that was promptly restricted, shackled and defeated by the group.

In the end, the afflicted Blood Elf recovered and expressed her gratitude. The group dispersed three ways, as they each have planned to venture to Northrend amidst rumours of disturbances.

Lovely event with the Highblood Myrmidons and the Order of Oronaar last night; looking forward to the upcoming Dragonblight campaign the Sisterhood will be participating in.



The Eternal Sisterhood have been operating in Dragonblight for the past few days. Matron Lunarglade working with the Horde to counter Loyalist and Cult forces in the region for the good of Azeroth!

Behind the scenes however the Matron and her cohort have been toying around with their latest pet project. The Mistbreaker Rebels, who have been operating in the region as the Sisterhoods blade in the dark. Though her current end game with them is all but a mystery…

…For those of you who haven’t joined us yet. Do it now!


That reads as an endorsement.

How have you been ruining the server? Just wondering.

Because they are part of the PCU and the PCU is ruining the server… apparently.

They’re quotes.

By forcing Shal’dorei into not ERPing and producing Roleplay content obviously.


This is STILL the best and longest running Elunite guild.
Strong RP concepts, from religion and piousness to darker themes, like sacrifice and underhanded destruction.


Yeah, I know, I am just saying that I would take these quotes from their authors as a compliment. (Not much wrong with Asmongold except he frequently acts as a superstar for little reason, but Taliesin can go take a hike, he is a blatant shill which opinion has a negative value.) :- )

You sound like a nice guild. Keep up the good work.


Thanks my dude


Can recommend joining them if you ever roll a Nightborne… And do so.



Or want Naga rp :wink: