[PCU] Eternal Sisterhood - Dawn of the Eternal Night 🌑

Indeed, we’ve had afew events and tomorrow we’re going to be getting rid of some pesky sand trolls! (Don’t worry they deserve it)


Merry Christmas my dudes!


The Sisterhood has enjoyed quite a Soireé in the most unexpected of places, Bilgewater Harbour! They were surprisingly hospitable (For Goblins) and the night ended on quite an interesting note when spies tried to infiltrate the festivities! What a way to end a night!


After spending a night of festivities in Suramar laced with intrigue and resulting in the gratitude of the host for foiling an attempt to remove him from office, the Sisterhood returned to Zin-Malor under dark clouds.

News of Owlkin had spread before in Azshara; Owlkin that wielded shadowy powers associated with the black moon and who attacked travelers around the area. Matters escalated to the creatures amassing a throng of their brethren and preparing to capture Zin-Malor for a ritual to conjure a shadowy beast of theirs.

The sisterhood employed the aid of their allies; the Bilgewater Battalion, the Hand of Conquest and the Dustpaw Caravan. Together, the Horde forces fortified the temple of Zin-Malor and prepared for the assault of the Owlbeasts and their furbolg companions.

After a fierce fight, a relic’s power was unleashed upon the intruders to turn the tides of battle. A lengthy operation resumed to mop up the remainder of the attackers, with wounded retreated closer to the Moonwell where they received healing.

In the end, the Owlbeasts remained on the ground - slaughtered and their remnants scavenged by the Dustpaw Vulpera. Their hearts removed and their souls tapped, the creatures will never again stand any threat to the Temple of Zin-Malor and the Sisterhood of Fala’dora.

Big thanks for the HUGE event tonight together with our allies! A Full raid /and/ a separate raid is no joke; especially after a banquet in Suramar that featured another two full raids of attendants!

Follow the Sisterhood as we embark on a pair of storylines written in-house, featuring appearances and interaction with the rest of the PCU guilds - though especially our allies and our great rivals in Kalimdor.


Just so you know, I don’t trust you IC.

Love you OOC though :flushed:


Hey all! Why not check out this cool and based plotline by our very own Elseth!


“L̶̖̬͇̲̜̈͊e̵̡̝͓͎̬̞͌̓̐͑̀͒̓͊̓̽t̶̨̧̡̘͖͔͚͈̗͊̈́̃̕͠ͅ ̷̯͇̤̞̘̥̣̬̑̾̔̃̓̅̉̓m̸̡̢̘̆ȩ̵̩͎̦͎̓̋̆͑͘͜͝͝͝ ̶͇̤͖̈́͂̃̀̚̕ơ̸̢͚̪͓̠̮͒̃͐̈̋̉̒͘u̶̙̘̙̟͍̓̑́̈́̅ţ̷̠͙̠̲͚̖̈́.̶̛̱̉.̶̡͍͖͙͍̺̮̪͔̙̇͋̓̌̓̑̃̇͛̈́.̶̡̞̦̞̼̞̊̄͐͑̓̊”

The stone coffin was brought before Fal’adora by a single shrouded serpentine figure. There she was met by the Matron of the Eternal Sisterhood, standing lonesome as she glared at the wicked mutant. Though Erena had purged her order of the foul corruption within its midst, the usefulness of the Mistbreaker Tribe found itself too good to part with. It was an uneasy truce.

“The artifact reacted as you anticpated Misstress… Though my Sisters and I also located this strange item from a senile dwarf.” Stated the Sea Witch, lowering the casket towards Erena’s feet.

“You have done well, Vanashj. Now leave, I will send word to your people when they are next needed.” Erena sighed, waving away the Naga dismissively.

The Matron levitated the casket into the halls of the sacred temple, slowly dragging it to the vault below. As the stone coffin was opened the Priestess was greeted with a darkened mummified leg, the bandages scrawled with strange runic symbols.

“Magnificent…” She uttered, the Matron was pleased.


My eyes…

Is there any specific lvl required? I’ve recently started playing a Nightborne and idk if i could join as under 60lvl

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Our focus is roleplaying; so any gear is fine. Being high level helps you in some zones. The Sisterhood is part of the PCU though, and we do content together with other horde-side PCU guilds. Currently celebrating the death of Heroic Kael’Thas.


The Sisterhood has been quite busy this week, repelling an army of scourge in the marshes of Dustwallow with a little help from their allies. And in turn, went to a celebration of will that the Chosen of Draenor have held in a way of cementing their victory of the foul abominations of undeath.


If you must insist on playing Horde, but still want to sacrifice heathens to the Moon God, then join ES.

PS. Nice Orrary. I think I’ll keep it.


Reminder that this week is the Lunar Festival! The greatest server event in known existance. Join us in Moonglade for three days of Elune related joysand festivities. All welcome.

Horde attendees get a FREE Erena Lunarglade “Mana Sugar” Pallette.


They run a nice festival.


The Sisterhood has joined the Horde for the ongoing PCU campaign. We are having a lot of fun on the desolate island off the coast of Dustwallow.

On that note, Ashran proved to be a godsent RP location. No mobs, wholly abandoned with lots of unique structures and “dungeons” like the mines.


I’ve roleplayed with members of the Eternal Sisterhood on numerous ocassions now and every single time has been a blast! I recommend any Nightborne roleplayers to check them out, and I recommend everyone to go and say hi to them! They are good fun having a religious debate with.

Warning; Their bias towards Elune includes the blasphemous statement that the -elements- are below her…


The Eternal Sisterhood has returned from the recent PCU campaign, the GLOOMSPIRE’s Island now re-named Kreltar Island in honour of the fallen orc mystic.


I kneel before Worggrim the King, one of the best moknathal rpers out there, and the closest an orc will get to a devout of Elune!


The Eternal Night is upon you and the means to bring it home lays within your grasp. You need only take it.

The Sisterhood pursued the trail of a vision some members had seen the previous days and ventured to the forlorn woods of Tirisfal Glades. Preparing to undertake multiple ventures under the night sky; the upcoming days will herald visits to foreign, strange worlds of the abyss and an invocation that might change the course of the Sisterhood.


Following an “Irritating Minor Setback” at the hands of the Scarlet Crusade. The forces of the Eternal Sisterhood retreat from the forests of Tirisfal. A smug aura upon them, with a humiliating defeat marking their trip a ‘Total Failure’ they can safely pursue their objective with little resistance.

The Sisterhood had succeeded, in part at least, pursuing a very noticable ritual that lit up the western mountains of the glades for a few hours with a pillar of Light and Shadow. Their Astromancers using the energies of the region to brighten the “Night Star” within the sky. Now, with the location of their prize, the illusive “Night Shard” is within the grasp of the Sisterhood. Their astromancers and Priestesses even now working on a ritual to open a gate to the distant land it resides in.

Only time will tell what exactly they plan to do with it…