[PCU] Eternal Sisterhood - Dawn of the Eternal Night 🌑

Join the Sisterhood, eradicate heathens, see new sights and taste great wines.


Yo mons, if ya be Lun’alai – da Grand Ma’da Erena be welcomin’ ya!


“Seal it away, ensure it doesn’t leak this time…”

Within the vaults beneath Fal’adora the Death Knight’s Folthon and Veltroix carefully placed the newly acquired Right Arm of the Blessed Corpse into the sarcophagus within the central structure. A faint whisper carried itself within the darkened halls of the black vault.

The withered beneath the temple seem to have become more agitated, some clawing marking into the wall in an ancient runic language, though too primitive to properly understand. The remaining Fal’dorei seem more entranced from time to time, stopping their activities outright for minutes on end to stop and chant to themselves.

Above ground the temple seemed to carry on like normal, the newly implemented blessings around the casket seemingly managing to contain the strange aura eminating from the corpse parts.

Throughout the night the two Undead Shal’dorei can be seen cataloguing and storing various troll artefacts also. Whatever strange miasma the corpse produces seems to have little noticeable effect on the unliving.


Erena is a soy elf so u should join

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“Break it down…”

The image of the tainted spirits still rang through the mind of many of the Eternal Sisterhood. Though it was true some of them had begun to divine strange dreams, picturing a darkened moon scrawled with an unknown runic script they had never expected it to lead anywhere. Perhaps this was the work of the goddess speaking through the Postulant Arisleth.

Matron Lunarglade and Sister Superior Starsong had taken the peculiar “Monolith” from a hidden room within the Eldre’thalas Catacombs, like the inscriptions within the tomb of the Blessed Martyr and the increasingly intense visions this relic also possessed inscriptions. Though unlike before they were different, not just the same phrase written all over again.

For now however it would be impossible to translate, and so the peculiar magical artefact was locked away in the vault underneath Fal’adora, protecting the temple goers from the intoxicating magical aura emanating from the relic.


The sisterhood’s daily prayers were disturbed by a magical earthquake from underneath the Temple of Fal’adora. Fearing the safety of their vault and seeing its failing magical wards against the assault, the Sisterhood decided to venture down into the depths of Fal’adora.

After fighting a pair of Fal’dorei, the Sisterhood moved down the shattered hallways of Falanaar to discover ever more dark secrets of the denizens and even find lost brethren of theirs cocooned and semi-digested or worse.

Reaching the very bottom of the ruins, they found a shadow-infused Broodmother of the Fal’dorei using a strange crystal as focus for an incantation that wreaked havoc overground and in the temple, likely seeking to breach and compromise the vault’s defenses and take whatever’s therein as her own.

The Sisterhood battled the Broodmother and her drones in the depths and emerged victorious; the shadowy being collapsed into an explosion and the focus crystal was reclaimed by the sisters of Fal’adora. However, their battle was intermingled with ever-growing chaos overground.

Emerging from the crumbled halls of Falanaar the Sisterhood found the temple under assault by withered undead, and were forced to realize they were living through the imminent scourge invasion. Barricaded and well-warded, the Sisterhood is now huddled up in Fal’adora.


The Eternal Sisterhood has now turned their sights on Deepholm on the suspicions that the crystal the Fal’dorei were using came from there. They met with a few twillight’s hammer cultists. And surprisingly enough, Void elves. They decided to team up, for now to uncover whatever nefarious plot the Twillight’s hammer were on to.


The Sisterhood witnessed the elements rumble in Deepholme as the Twilight Precipice was placed under assault by creatures of stone. Joining the fray, they battled cultists and found them fleeing towards the gigantic chasm nearby, and the tunnel therein.

After navigating the tunnels (and wading their way through a giant elemental-worm), the Sisterhood and their Ren’dorei companions engaged a coven of warlocks who were destroying a Beryl crystal pillar within the Crumbling Depths.

Though too late to prevent destruction of the pillar or the escape of one cultists, the group defeated the rest along with an infernal stuck halfway into the plane through a portal. The Sisterhood recovered shards of the pillar and returned to the Temple of Fal’adora.

Big thanks to the [PCU] Ethereal Court 🔮 - Now Recruiting! for attending this mini-campaign! Looking forward to more lovely events together in the future.



Shadowlands is coming tonight my dudes. Make sure to order pizza.


what if i make one instead, is that acceptable


I am a fully prepared Eternal Sister. With a pack of Mango Loco Juiced Monster + two pizzas on the way /filled to the brim/ with pineapples.


The Shadowlands have been a fun experience for me so far! Only a few more days until the Eternal Sisterhood returns to their regularly scheduled RP!


The Sisterhood is back in action & we already had our first post-Shadowlands roleplay event. More to come; make sure you join us if you are looking for some dank Nightborne roleplay!


Indeed, we’ve had afew events and tomorrow we’re going to be getting rid of some pesky sand trolls! (Don’t worry they deserve it)


Merry Christmas my dudes!


The Sisterhood has enjoyed quite a Soireé in the most unexpected of places, Bilgewater Harbour! They were surprisingly hospitable (For Goblins) and the night ended on quite an interesting note when spies tried to infiltrate the festivities! What a way to end a night!


After spending a night of festivities in Suramar laced with intrigue and resulting in the gratitude of the host for foiling an attempt to remove him from office, the Sisterhood returned to Zin-Malor under dark clouds.

News of Owlkin had spread before in Azshara; Owlkin that wielded shadowy powers associated with the black moon and who attacked travelers around the area. Matters escalated to the creatures amassing a throng of their brethren and preparing to capture Zin-Malor for a ritual to conjure a shadowy beast of theirs.

The sisterhood employed the aid of their allies; the Bilgewater Battalion, the Hand of Conquest and the Dustpaw Caravan. Together, the Horde forces fortified the temple of Zin-Malor and prepared for the assault of the Owlbeasts and their furbolg companions.

After a fierce fight, a relic’s power was unleashed upon the intruders to turn the tides of battle. A lengthy operation resumed to mop up the remainder of the attackers, with wounded retreated closer to the Moonwell where they received healing.

In the end, the Owlbeasts remained on the ground - slaughtered and their remnants scavenged by the Dustpaw Vulpera. Their hearts removed and their souls tapped, the creatures will never again stand any threat to the Temple of Zin-Malor and the Sisterhood of Fala’dora.

Big thanks for the HUGE event tonight together with our allies! A Full raid /and/ a separate raid is no joke; especially after a banquet in Suramar that featured another two full raids of attendants!

Follow the Sisterhood as we embark on a pair of storylines written in-house, featuring appearances and interaction with the rest of the PCU guilds - though especially our allies and our great rivals in Kalimdor.


Just so you know, I don’t trust you IC.

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