[PCU] Eternal Sisterhood - Dawn of the Eternal Night 🌑

Happy birthday ES! You’ve provided some very memorable memories in RP, and hope for -at least- two more years of proper RP! :smiley:

Worggrim can’t make it to the market, sadly. But he’s there in spirit.


The Market may be over, but ES’s adventures certainly are not. After celebrating our powerful Second Year as a guild we now charge towards Outland to unravel the plot of the mysterious Vor’dorei cult as well as do battle with the nefarious, unfashionable and outright garish Concordat who cowardly sought to vandalise our temple.


We went to outland with the pridesworn to stop the evil Esgalroth and his plans of destruction. Despite the drenai rushing to aid the evil worgen the pridesworn prevailed and the sisterhood returned. For the new blood it was a rude awakening, and a challenge they prevailed.

Love you guys.


With yesterday’s full moon the Sisterhood celebrates a new cycle of rebirth and new beginnings!


I did read your Intro thrice now but…i still got a question:

What exactly are you? A fanatic Splinter Group that i got. But who do your worship? Your Matron? Since you said you declare the Kaldorei heresy it cant be Elune.

Im confused

Why? You can worship the same thing as someone but declare them and their approach heretical.

(The Sisterhood worship Elune)

Can you explain the difference in their worship to me then Xd I dont get it…

The Sisterhood are fundamentally in denial. The Kaldorei and their people have moved on from the days of the empire and left them behind.

They worship Elune, though call anything that would be an uncomfortable truth to them Heresy in order to preserve their own way of life. The Matron acts as a “High Priestess” like figure but without any of the true authority.


So kinda elune worshipping fanatics (no offense) that dream of the good old days before they blew up the well? And working towards getting these days back?

Yeah, that’s exactly it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We aren’t a cult. We are the true worshipers of Elune. The Kaldorei have fallen far from the old ways, have receded into the ways of primitive trolls drooling over Loa.

Not the Sisterhood. We retain worship of the Goddess alone, and we pursue the balance between the Full and New Moons.


With much consideration, the officer team and I have decided to take Eternal Sisterhood in a bright and bold new direction!

As such, we shall become a Vulpera Caravan guild. This may seem like a strange new direction, but in many ways Vulpera are the highest logical step in Elune worship. The Nightborne are simply no longer appropriate for this guilds themes and messages.

So join us next week as the Eternal Sisterhood travels to Vol’dun to trade with the illusive Sethrak. Warm Sands!


Not a cult.

Just a:
Union of
Terrori- Worshippers


Fow the Howde! And fow mothew moon! Pwaise Ewune!


The Sisterhood has deployed to the Swamp of Sorrows. Aiding the Requiem of Sorrow, Highblood Myrmidons and Red Venturers in attempting to secure an unholy artefact from the prying hands of the Cult of the Damned and Alliance forces in the area.

The objective is not without problem, however. The uneasy nature of the Horde’s current relations as well as increased Alliance aggression is testing the unity of the assembled groups and in desperation, new avenues are being explored…

Something else has slithered into the swamp. Searching for the Sisterhood’s objectives from deep within the murky waters.


Hey, you have a big area filled with souls and corpses right near your city, right?
Mind if we swing by?


Sure! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahh, I think I see what you are up to. Every interesting plot line. Let us see how it develops.

Wanna know what these elves are planning? You better join up soon!


Laughs in plotting