[PCU] Horde Forsaken Military RP - The Gravesworn 🦴

As one of Forsaken, you must massacre any who pose a threat to the new order: human, undead, or otherwise.

Sylvanas Windrunner is gone. Undercity lays in ruins. The factions emerging to fill the power vacuum left by the untimely end of the Forth War remain devided.

Loyalists to the Banshee Queen roam the lands of our Kingdom, succumbing to madness and false promises of power.

Legitimists seek to revive the Menethil Dynasty by installing a new Queen, sister of the Fallen Prince, and puppet to the imperious Alliance.

Others have given up entirely on our homeland, serving the interests of Kalimdor races, turning to mercenary work or worse.

All while the Forsaken people remain refugees across the sea, or continue to live their unlives in Lordaeron in fear, under constant threat from the Scourge, the Scarlets and the Alliance, with little help from the duplicitous Argents!

In these trying times, who are those that truly deserve our respect? Who are those who will keep Lordaeron safe and protect the Forsaken no matter the politics, no matter who sits on the throne? Where are we to look if not towards the HEROES of our people?! Towards tradition! Towards intellectuals like Master Apothecary Faranell! Towards strategic minds like that of Deathstalker Commander Belmont! Towards unyielding veterans like The Black Bride! Towards cunning operatives like Dark Ranger Velonara!

Towards the MILITARY! Towards soldiers like YOU!

At ease, soldiers.

Apolitical, amoral and a-wesome, The Gravesworn, are have returned to the forums as the spiritual successor of the Requiem of Sorrow. Under the new official name of “Ninth Eastweald Division” and coming up on a year of epic roleplay this October during Hallow’s End, your favorite, totally not shady, military men and women are still here awaiting brave Forsaken like you to enlist and join us!

If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of great Forsaken heroes, proudly uphold undead honor and tradition, protect the Kingdom and its people with the full backing of the Horde, and live the lawful military life with cool military uniforms, then here is the place to be for any of you Children of the Grave out there!

So take the oath today and become a Gravesworn!

For more info and for any questions you can contact: Coldfingers


Under investigation within this new unit after nearly dying in a ship crash with my former unit, but glad to still be serving the Forsaken. Let’s hope we endanger less civilians this time around!

PS: If a man enters this thread looking for the head of my former Executor, I am not here.


stares intensily Hmmmm! :thinking:


Sorry, I’m in the Cleft Of Shadows doing very important military work right now! Know nothing about any heads. Ask Pekun.


I don’t talk to goblins.


A certain Executor’s head has spent some time on my wall, but I no longer have it. It was beginning to stink.


Obligatory Calia related comment

(Come back to the Ghostlands)


If anyone else would like to visit us and pull the troops into a very different but very cool situation while we’re attempting scribe stone training, I would very much enjoy that.


the finger on the monkey paw curls, Kaitylinn visits

you are now fighting alien bug men in space


I hear these guys used the opportunity of us Grunts being gone out to battle today, to massacre our training dummies…


Not just that! Try and best us in a battle of song! You can’t. All of the Valley of Honor knows it.


Come meet us on the Cleft of shadows, spooky things happen there.
We also travel to the top of Orgimmar Main Gate to look at the starts. But don’t tell that to Sergeant Coldfingers, she is not a big fan of that.


Unsubordination already?


Happy to announce several promotions we had after our return to Andorhal.

Do us proud, Privates of the Gravesworn!


Good… More corpses to send to the meat grinder, very nice of you to be honest :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool bunch, these guys. Even when they disturb your peace and quite, to deliver reports to you…


Cool Guild


Good Guy Forsakens that shows that even the dead has HONOUR! RAAAAGH!


Love these guys! Whether we’re standin’ on the sidelines together, watching others drink during Brewfest, or I’m recevin’ hair care tips from them, always a good time!
Oh and they also picked the right side during the recent negotiations, so they’s double great!


very cool guild, very cool people, very funky hairstyles, plus they don’t mind spider i̶n̶f̶i̶l̶t̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶s̶ allies joining their ranks so yeah

joining this guild will make you instantly very sexy irl so idk what ur waiting for