People can farm 200K honor an hour

So theres a few people on my server literally being able to farm 200k honor an hour from just asking some enemy faction player to do it with you.

The way it works is that you go to some remote graveyard and kill your partner, and then have him instantly take ress sickness over and over, blizzard did not implement the honor reduction for killing the same target repeatedly.

people just use discord servers and PM enemy faction players to team up for this game breaking issue.

https :// /a/ZeW6LTb

From what i remember it never showed reduced honor, it is calculated with the reduction tho

Hey dude.

That’s ridiculous. We can’t be sure it’s actually broken until we see the leaderboards on reset day. They will stick out like a sore thumb and they’ll be investigated.

Thanks for bringing this forward to the community though. If it is a bug and not just a visual bug or miscalculation when estimating the HK it’ll be fixed surely and hopefully the players will also be dealt with.

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