People spreading rumors!

Hello. I came across rumors spreading for my character. Yesterday I did almost sucsessful run in Uldaman and 2 players said "we cannot do it with this tank. (I am a warrior). I tried to form a party with a rogue and he mentioned the rumors about my character that I had no protection spec. I have arms spec because I farm solo quests and mobs. How am I supposed to unlearn my talents and build protection talents every time I go to a dungeon and after that unlearn talents again and build arms or fury talents. Unlearning talents is very expensive when you do it several times. That’s insane!! Those rumors will ruin my game socially! I can sucsessfuly tank in arms spec using the best shield from SM and +5 defense leggings, and protection stance. A player also told me that I can level up and farm in protection spec. That’s preposterous!! A prot tank will reach level 60 for an year and a half. Can you please tell me what you think of this issue, and how to make the rumors stop?
Thank you

Hey there m8. im Leex In-game. Officer and Main tank of the guild Mysgubbarna a swedish guild. Iv hit 60 yesterday with my warrior. And iv lvled all the way in prot. this has taken e 11 in games days to do. So it doesnt take half a year or a year :slight_smile: But if u do it this way u will have a hard time questing alone. I only farmed dungeons from lvl 16 up to 60 :wink: Great gear and money during the way.

And about those rumours. The one who says u cant tank in Amrs spec or fury spec is new to the game or sett in the old ways. U can even raid tank in Fury spec :stuck_out_tongue: tho i do not reccomend it to newer players. Iv allways loved prot and will allways be prot so thats my sugestions. But any ways, Dont be sad about what other people says, there are many players. and chanses are there are many other players u can party with who whont mind u going arms and then tanking in def stance. As lons as u do ur best and u hold the agro from killing ur party members then its np. if u have a hard time keeping agro on all mobs try to Mark them before charge or range pull. Skull, X, blue, moon and so on :wink: and let ur party know the order :slight_smile: hehe

Good luck and well wishes

I think they have a concern about your lvl, 42 is nice for the entire dungeon, but the last boss is lvl 47. He will deal double damage to you unless you grab some +defense gear. My arms warrior has about +21 defense on his gear, meaning im about 4 levels higher in terms of defense, this makes me able to tank +5 lvl monsters without recieving much crushing blows.

Its not you, its the dungeon being unbalanced.
We did Uldaman once with a feral druid lvl 40, last boss went by fine.

Thanks for the advises and the support. It’s really hardcore to tank level 48 boss with level 42 warrior. You miss almost every attack. Once I played wow a long time ago I tanked dungeons with prot warrior and I took almost all ads on me with intercept and than changing to prot stance and so on. good luck guys, wish you best

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