Permaban to all racists and xenophobics

First of all, good day for you all,
i’m here to ask people’s attention if there was one time you got attacked by a racist or xenophobic person, if you have, did you reported?

Before the trolls coming here spreading ignorance to other people, i’m not a kid who is trying to get a icecream, racism and xenophobia is crime on a third world country and in WoW or any other game should not have space for hating.

If you guys(Racists and Xenophobics) have any kind of problem, sorry for you, i’m alive writing this to piss you off, really, i love to report guys like you every day.

I am Portuguese, when i was a kid, i said a bad meaning words, but i grow up and started to see this: “The hate because of racism and xenophobic is something like being half Hitler”.

So for you guys like me, who got offended just for being alive and have some Nationality, Religion, Skin Color, should report that kind of people and Blizzard should Permaban forever that kind of people.

PS: Life isn’t about roses or of being princess, but sure you have a good life, to offend other people. - to the guy who says “Portuguese is disgusting”.


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