Pet peeves: The return (Part 5)

You’re normal again.

I may have traumatic brian injury, guy.

Not from where I’m sitting.


instead of a brain there is dark orb missing texture cube


spiderman 2 has cube glitch
wow forums have cube glitch
cubinisation is that natural form of all digital creatures, eventually they will return to it.


As long promised, I’m finally launching the Warcraft Retrospective blog!


You’re not the Blythan I fell in love with.

I’m sorry, I’ve changed ._. can you forgive me?

Both Cro and Bly are cubes to me, must be the new undead fashion trend.

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Yes, but only because I have nothing going on.

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The forum randommy telling me that sorry, no, I can’t embed media links (youtube) in my posts and even locking me out of editing posts with videos in them.

Do I have the trust level or not, janky forum?


This glitch virus is spreading, now I am infected as well, run, hide yourselves before you join the C̴̢̤̝̭̰̏͋̈́̽ͅư̷̻̞̤̪̙͍͙̼̤̙͚͇̗͇͕̆̌̅͊̏b̷͍̹̾̍͑é̷͈͓͉͍̃̓͐̆́̑̆̉̂̓͠

I just got a new hat only to get cubed.

Me checking the forums right now.

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Blythan’s not for me, but I still am for myself.

Y’all need to stop being cubed, Thuzard, Sindrí I expected better of you!

You’re still very cubed, forum shenanigans I guess it’ll fix itself soon enough.

Join us, become C̴̢̤̝̭̰̏͋̈́̽ͅư̷̻̞̤̪̙͍͙̼̤̙͚͇̗͇͕̆̌̅͊̏b̷͍̹̾̍͑é̷͈͓͉͍̃̓͐̆́̑̆̉̂̓͠

Well maybe, if you pay my sub I am sure I can make the forums bug my outfit out and make me a cube head too

Yes and no.
You have forum jank.

Schrodinger’s trust level.