Pet peeves: The return (Part 5)

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It begins.


If the max is 20k, how did we get to 20048?

Deleted and ashed posts?

System is cringe

I believe when comment is deleted, it does not get removed from the comment count.
It´s why in some juicy threads, 50th comment has number 248.

BG3 heads: stable hotfix is due by end of day today


Ah good!

Only 48 taken from Peeves? I am shocked.

Part of the first 10 comments on new thread lets GOOOOOOO!

Posting this on my dracthyr because this is now a confession and warning all in one.

Kids. Don’t do chronomancy. It looks cool, but there’s always a cost.

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That talent is truly a wild concept to me. Somewhere, another version of your character just died instantly, unexplained, used as an interdimensional meatshield.


Sorry, I can’t come to work today. I found out just I died in another timeline and I’m kinda bummed about it :frowning:

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New thread hype

I remember when the thread used to get locked every other week.

who cares they’re not the true timeline™ version of you so they’re inconsequential


We live, die, and live again!

I’m not saying I have dark powers over the forums but ever since I made the ‘The Undying’ pet peeve thread they’ve all gone to max posts.

Is it possible to learn this power?

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I seem the remember the one I made after that got nuked from orbit as well. But I can’t remember why.

Checking in the new thread with an obligatory “ffxiv good” post.

Ffxiv good.