Pet peeves: The return (Part 6)

I want to know how many were deleted.

This post resonates with me on a spiritual level.

If you cannot embrace the mass, you are not worthy.
(Seriously, look at the likes of Eddie Hall, worlds strongest man winner, the man is built like a tank.

Something else that is not worthy; this farce, still being in game… :unamused:

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Appreciate the concern but it’s all good

It still surprises me that people do not know the difference between a bodybuilder and a strongman

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Happy draetroll heriheritagetage day, and the dawn of a new PP thread.

it’s a small PP for now. but i have no doubt it will grow in size soon

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Fresh thread.

After getting my hand x-rayed for pain I got a referral from the NHS for a follow up thingy

And the access code on the referral is, and I quote “shadow thought”

Are all access codes so fantastical or did they just correctly identify me

Ah, a new M+ season means it’s time to enjoy the updated dungeons and loot

hold up this one’s delisted let me just-
okay this one’s delisted i’ll-
okay maybe th-

Doing the new Emberthal visage questline.

To me it’s the epitome of “could have been worse”. While in principle, a “who you truly are” soul-searching questline, giving the perspective of different individuals and cultures, could be done well, there comes a point where a story is told with such a heavy hand that you basically get a story about the modern world in fantasy decorations.

The word “identity”, specifically, when used in this context, immediately yanks me back into the Primary World, because these dialogue options you get when talking to Emberthal reduce the questline to a direct allegory to hot social issues relevant today. It’s also one of the surest ways to make your work look dated when the real world moves on to some other hot issue.

For the record, I don’t like any of the options given. I’d have preferred something like “identity is that which cannot be removed without removing you”.

And the final quest is basically “Go do the side questlines about these queer or queer-coded individuals just in case you missed them. Aren’t we progressive?”

I liked it when the worldbuilding painted the picture that being queer on Azeroth was just something normal, accepted, and non-noteworthy. This, in comparison, is way too on the nose and just makes me embarrassed.


It did feel weird not to ask dragons about their visages


But then they’d have to explain how the Aspects chose visages of humans and elves millennia before these races even existed.

Agreed, my gripe is how unorganical and alien the writing comes to make it seem which is just counterproductive to the point they wish to convey.
But then again, Blizzard has a hot issue for their failure of making things FIT in a story or writing consistent characters, how the list goes on.

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And they might have to address “Hey, why do the Dragons get to pick any of the existing races, but Dracthyr have this weird, half-baked Nothingburger hybrid… thing?” :roll_eyes:

Edit: “But it’s hard to-”

No. Just make the Dracthyr form not use any transmog parts, given the sheer weight of customisation it already has.
Then you pick another race for your visage, and THAT is transmogged, like any of the existing races.
Big woop, problem solved, crisis averted.


It’s noted as being peculiar but no answers were ever given as to why dracthyr default to an identity of elf/dragon hybrid. Genetic memory from nelthrion’s experiments of melding?


99% sure it was “Hey, we made a new thing, because We Thought It Was Cool, and as you know, Continuity only exists to- Ok, ok. … Please clap.”


Inappropriate! Your dad might be reading this.

To all my darkest dungeon 2 dorks; don’t forget your loop year achievement for playing on this, the anniversary of release day.

Remove Forsaken from the equation and yeah, it works.
Allow horns and dragon eyes and things stand out enough.

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I mean, if they really wanted to appear as Forsaken, I don’t see why not? It’s all magic anyway.

Majordomo Selistra picked a Vulpera, who only recently came onto the scene, don’t see why not a Forsaken.

To our knowledge.
Dragons have been around for a many a thousand year, could have seen em before.
Besides, they’re alive.