Pet peeves: The return (Part 6)

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we’re so back

we’re so back peevebros

I can’t believe I sniped the last entry with a jab on Mito.


Part 6 means we’ve done 100k+ peeveposts. Excellent work everyone. We will continue to watch your careers with great interest.


now we truly are the forums

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Rookie numbers

this is the system’s pet peeve

We shall peeve on


I would of barred Azerbaijan on geographical grounds as well as Israel, but at this point Eurovision is just for any country to get culture points on the global stage; mega cringe unless the song is a banger


Saying nothing about on-going atrocities is also a political stance from people in positions of power :dracthyr_shrug:

(It’s not quite the same on an individual/personal level: whatever one persons opinion, inability to cause much direct change means that, yes, awareness is good, but also single people shouldn’t be expected to constantly stare into the abyss 24/7, because there’s enough depression, anxiety and mental health stuff going around as it is. You do not have to shoulder all the worlds burdens.)


I think we’d explode if we tried.

Edit: In the immortal words of C’thun:

Your heart will explode.


what a cool and muscular peeves thread haha
(let me be a cool and muscular panda man blizz)

pandaren: nom nom nom nom

kazoo’s aggressively @ u


Let’s take a break from political discussions before it gets heated.

Hell yeah in the first 20 comments of the new thread lets GO

Okay, actual peeve.

Whose bright idea was it to make the flight path unlocking toys also explore the continent for you? When I bought them back in the day, I intended to only use them for flight paths, but they changed them in Shadowlands.

I like having my maps unexplored when leveling alts. It gives me a sense of progression. Exploration also gives XP, which you won’t get if you reveal the entire continent with the toy. And you can’t change your mind and undo the toy’s effect.

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It’s really stupid as it doesn’t really add much of a convinience anyway like flightpath unlocks. There is no actual timesaving by unlocking the map by default.

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would of ?

ugh barbarian