Pet Talents


I’ve tamed The Rake and tried to teach him some more active talents … two worked (bite 1 and claw 3 …), but to teach him cower, I put him in the stable and tamed a Juvenile Snow Leopard (which came with cower 1), I tried to level him till leal companion … and to my surprise I didn’t learn this talent.
Someone can tell me why?
It’s not working the teaching of active talents too pets, so no waste in taming other beasts, for that.
What a shame in Vanilla it wasn’t like this.


You are correct according to

I suspect a bug? Maybe you can make a ticket and try one of the other options in the meantime. Annoyingly, they are in Kalimdor. Double annoying if they have the same issue.


Back then it sometimes took a fair while before you picked up the skill. It might also be that you have to actively tell the pet to use it… I can’t quite remember. But somewhere in the back of my mind this is likely the way.


I’ve tried your suggestion of clicking the Bite2 with Timber and I did it more than 60 times and still not learning this talent, bite 2) …
Anyone (Hunter, plz), can confirm what I’m saying?


I learned Bite 2 with Oasis Snapjaw.


keep playing with the new snow leopard as pet untill u learn the trick from it.
Also Petopia Classic is a great recource :