Petition: bake the s3/s4 tier set bonus into the retribution talent tree

First of all i want to say that i’m quite happy about where the retribution rotation and gameplay is right now. The redesign really went well and the flow in combat is even better than before. So “thank you!” to whoever is watching over our class at blizz. :wink:

Now i don’t know how everybody feels about the tier set bonus. Obviously many retri players like it as much as i do: It got upvoted to be the the same set bonus in season 4. I think it’s a lot of fun, actually changing our rotation a bit, adding a 2nd templar’s verdict or divine storm (fun!) AND a new animation (judgement/ lich king animation while expurgation is on target, even more FUN!).

If you guys feel the same way about it, why not upvote this petition and hope that this tier set bonus is somehow (not in strength-, but rotation-/ gameplay-/ animation-wise) baked into the new hero talents (maybe as an optional talent choice?) in the upcoming expansion?

I’d love to keep it some way or another!

Bake the tier set in to rotation no thanks moving on

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