Petition for dual spec or free respec wherever like retail

I think this is a quality of life that should be tinkered with in SOD atleast. And mostly its for players that does both pvping and pveing or even multispeccs. I know the reduction on respec is a great start but should add more too it.


Dual spec in capital cites sure, not completely free respec and certainly not everywhere, you break encounters way to hard by being able to respec (even only to a second spec) anywhere

Respeccing is a goldsink that I don’t see will change anytime soon. With how much gold is right now at SOD they should not remove but maintain or rather add more goldsinks.

I just feel like the goldsink shouldnt be talents, but like you say add other goldsinks to the game instead to replace it.

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This should never been the gold sink they need in a first place! Adding more gold sinks or not does not change the fact it is bad design. Changing specialization whenever and wherever you please is also very bad idea for many reasons , but having just 1 spec in a meme season with many added runes that u can change on the fly without having the talent flexibility to support the rune swaps is plain dumb and has nothing to do with gold sink . Consumes and many more crafted items or even higher repair cost can cover your desire of a gold sink … dual spec is the bare minimum if not even completely remove respec cost and add talent plates where 1 character can have 2-3 even more saved builds but he needs to be in a capital city for at least 2 min to swap or smt like this. This is not classic anymore and the game adds far more dynamic choices in the form of runes to be so stubborn and stick to 2004 when it comes to talents.

You mean like being able to swap runes whereever?

For some classes, that’s all that is necessary to perfectly tune their build to the encounter.

For others, it’s needlessly gold gated at the moment.

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Nah i actually mean for the future, dont think you will be able to fully swap a paladin tank to a paladin healer by just swapping runes at level 60 or a warrior tank to a full dps build with just rune swaps at 60 or druid tank into a healer at 60. At level 25 you can do everything in every spec at 60 you can also to a certant extent do it but its sub optimal for sure.

For the time being yes, we havent even goten half way through the talent trees and most classes havent gotten access to anything important by this point.

The gold is less of a issue than people being able to fully swap between bosses, a fury/prot never did as much damage on a encounter where only one tank was needed as a full fury warrior but you still had them around for the other fights, having dual spec means you are griefing the raid you dont swap to what is most optimal at the moment.

Well it’s Season of Discovery, kinda meant to break the game at this point no?

Well I would agree to some extent but not to the extent where going into naxx in like a years time dont require you to make a sacrifice when it comes to dps even if its not as big as it was back in the day

dual specs would be nice

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