Petition: Free transfers from Zandalar Tribe are highly required

Zandalar is Dead and nobody is doing anything about it. It is impossible to find people for HCs, find arena partners, sell or buy things on AH and even find people to fill the spots in a 10/10 guild for s2 raids.

Even more, Blizzard offers Christmas price reduction to most of the unuseful things like mounts and boosts, but NOT to character transfers to WOW classic TBC. I have unsubscribed. I have 4 more days to play, and I think there is no point in subscribing again if there’s no one to play with.

I hope something is done about it soon but if not, thanks for the nice moments spent here!


You arent on your own with these thoughts.

The complete lack of anything to help with this is beyond annoying…


Everything mentioned is true. This server is dusted, we need to get transfers and not the ones that cost us 25$ / character cuz f that. I have 3 lvl 70’s and im not gonna pay 75 bucks to not play on a dead server, this should be something blizzard cares about.


I went back to WoW paying for the subscription for 1 month. I wanted to see if it is worth coming back for longer. Unfortunately, after logging in to my characters from Zandalar Tribe, it turned out that there are no people there!
I am asking for a free transfer of my character to another server. You can’t play that way! This is mmo, after all, not a single player game.

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