Petition: Lower coruption on echoing after nerf

Hahaha oh look echoing void user is mad hes no longer getting boosted by an rng item


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You are perfect example why Blizzard
cant take players feedback seriously.

If your corruption item do 1k dps for 60 corruption and you nerf it to do 500dps for 30 corruption than its not nerf. You can just pick another 30 corruption item and you are exactly where you were. Pls do you even game desing?

I’d state that the corruption cost on echoing void should be proportional after the nerf, so that echoing void 3 isn’t flat out better than having a combination of echoing void 1+2 items. Outside of that, I disagree.

The corruption cost is fine. I simply use twilight devastation in m+ to beat out my dps players now, it feels much more powerful than echoing void anyway. What were they thinking?

Game design???

Td is random proc, and while it is strong nowhere close as EV, where i as tank was able to do 40-45k ST dps… Its is possible too with TD, but u will need so much lucky procs.

Well Single Target you use Infinite Stars, such as everybody else. But even in ST fights, Twilight Devastation is still quite strong.

I got 53k dps on Maut HC on my druid tank yesterday, with Twilight Devastation 2 doing 10% of my total damage and Echoing Void 3 dealing only 1% more.

Edit: Oh one might say “But Brambles is broken on Maut” and while I believe they’ve fixed it, I also dealt 48k dps on Ra-den, with again, Twilight Devastation 2 and Echoing Void 3 being roughly the same. If you’re interested, it should be fairly easy to find the logs without me linking them.

It’s not just lucky proccs (literally 4 hits across a 3 minute fight), since ppm are averaged out, it’s just things scaling with both current and total hp being quite silly.

So after nerf EV is still strong (yeye r2 vs r3 but still close)

Dont need em bro

I dont see problem here, why shouldnt tanks have good dmg too? Good dps is still gona win on meters no matter what, just those bad ones will cry that tanks are too strong (like its a bad thing when things die faster)

td r2 worth 35 corruption
ev r3 - 60 corruption, wouldnt call it close


It’s meh. It’s not awful, but it’s not good either, it’s 35 vs 60 corruption here as well, so TD 2 does almost double the damage per corruption. I’d swap available corruptions around if I had the correct ones. I simply don’t have more pieces with other corruptions.

I agree, tanks should be able to deal damage. I liked the Revenge Mechanic a fair bit as well. I just don’t think that damage should be tied to 1 out of 50 random upgrades where you see roughly one for each five 15+ keys you complete.

It’s not fair either that you can get an ev corruption effect while someone else get extra avoidance for the same corruption.

This needs a change! I want infinite star and echoing void on every piece i drop!

I’m fine with tanks doing damage, I just hate those types that spam dps meters in chat, as tank, when theyre on the 2nd place or something doing 45k dps, telling the other dps to stop slacking, I mean, it’s free damage, ur not doing anything special, and yeah, 2nd place, I’ ma dh dps, I aint losing to a tank, cmon!

I still think the hp based corruptions are a little too much damage for tanks tho, if they had to do anything for it, sure, but its just free damage which is usually their top damage, bit silly.

Now that point would be much more valid if you weren’t playing a DH. During Eternal Palace, DHs dps was 30% Diver’s Folly. Now it’s 20% infinite stars (for every dps and tank btw.) for patchwerk fights.

Corruptions procc off of actions, for every player that is, with each class profitting from corruptions by an incredibly large margin.

Anything that will encourage players to be a tank to begin with is a win for the game.

I’ve never found it so hard to find tanks as I have in BFA , they need to do something to get more of them about.

I don’t know about that, I don’t really raid, except maybe pug one here and there, I do have diver’s folly, only used it in M+, and the damage was nice but nowhere close to top damage,
but in raids the fights take longer so that might be true, and if it is, then I agree on that, in my opinion, no free damage should ever be top damage.

I don’t want to be that guy but Petition threads are a no-no on the forums.

Yea thats lame, so much RNG comes into this, and the diferrences between coruptions are so huge it sad.

Agree with rest

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much that blizz can do against legions of crappy players who blame the tank for everything.

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I use this simple trick that’s called “blame the healer”. It usually shifts any blame away from me, the tank and towards the inferior party member, the healer.

“It’s bolstering and you chained into this giant mob that now has 20 bolstering stacks” - “Well if that damn healer was healing properly, it wouldn’t have happened!”

Works every time :+1:

Playing a tank doesn’t automatically make someone a good player. If you spend some time healing in M+ PUGs, that quickly becomes clear. In the necrotic week, it seemed like every other tank didn’t know how necrotic works.

People don’t play tanks in higher end content because raids only need two of them, and in M+ they are expected to lead and know the routes/etc. Simply giving tanks more damage will not significantly alter this situation, just like adding more tank specs didn’t change it.

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