Petition to Blizzard: Allow low-population servers to migrate to RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe - same as in US region

The number of Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP are struggling massively over past few weeks. Several both small casual or larger semi-HC guilds have either disbanded or are struggling with recruitment. Both Alliance and Horde.

As officer in one of the largest and longest standing guilds on the server I implore you, Blizzard, to (just as in US region) allow free migration from low-population servers to RP-PvP. There is ZERO reasoning, why in US region migration to RP-PvP should be allowed, while in EU region it is not!

This is official plea towards any Blizzard employee who may read this - our server will surely die before Phase 3 is out, unless we get a flow of new players coming here.

Zandalar Tribe, ever since the start of Classic, has been a place with many extraordinary players-written stories, let it be dramatic ones with happy ending (War Effort), dramatic ones with bad ending (several guilds disbanding over Naxxramas release) or good ones (both new and old guilds form with friends being reunited trough pre-patch and early weeks of TBCC).

Blizzard, do NOT let our server die! Give others the option to come have a stories of their own here, rather than towards overpopulated servers as Firemaw or Golemagg!

Thank you, should any one read this.


Feels like we just were forgoten

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Server is dead as heck…

Blizz pls sort out something - either merge server or shut this one down!!!

I have to echo this, it would be better to merge low pop servers with us and open free transfers than let the realm die. Take it from someone that has played on a mega realm, it’s not a good experience. There’s a marked difference in the quality of the players when you lost the RP tag as ridiculous as that sounds. The minute you cap over 6k population the quality of the server starts to diminish in a very significant way, I can understand the Horde wanting to transfer off but Alliance has around 2000 people actively logging in to raid, 2-3k is considered an ideal population.

The actual problem is the TBC attunements and what it requires to actually get in to raiding, killing the server with transfers off is fixing a symptom but not addressing the elephant in the room which is TBC in of itself and Blizzard abject mismanagement of the servers. Transfers here should have been permanently open since launch, the larger servers should have been locked off, there’s been no clear attempt by them to do anything.

I’d rather they try to alleviate the situation than just abandon ZT.

Reposting this on the off chance Blizzard actually reads these realm forums. My advice to the OP though would be to go try the general forums. Go there Easi, the minute you do let me know I’ll join in with bumping the post.

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I did so, thanks for advice!

I took a break in September due to r/l issues - came back this week to what appears to be a dead server?

Could someone tell me what happened and where did everyone go ?

Many thanks.

Gotta bump this important topic.

Contrary to some opinions, the server is not dead - yet. However, the situation on this server is becoming increasingly unacceptable.

While it’s still fairly easy to level up(solo grind is boring but always doable), hitting lvl 70 is like hitting a wall these days. It’s just ridiculously hard to find any nhc groups in order to progress from nonheroic to heroic content.

So, please do something about this. Allowing transfers from even lower populated realms might be a solution, but at this point I’d also be satisfied with a free transfer to a higher populated server.

Finally, I have to explicitly agree with the OP here. The Community on ZT was - and in some places still is - just great. Playing on a healthy RP-PVP server has been a great experience. I think the “RP”-tag not only attracted roleplayers, but also lots of players with a very laid-back attitude to the game who care a little bit less about “the meta” and a little bit more about everybody just having a good time in the game. It would be a shame to let this community just die.

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I believe SoM and people basicly raidlogging is the things that had the server decay into emptyness. Also people were starting to migrate slowly to other servers with a larger playerbase.
But then again, that is just what I believe…

Zandalar is Dead and nobody is doing anything about it. It is impossible to find people for HCs, sell or buy things on AH, find arena partners, and even find people to fill the spots in a 10/10 guild for s2 raids.

Even more, Blizzard offers Christmas price reduction to most of the unuseful things like mounts and boosts, but NOT to character transfers to WOW classic TBC. I have unsubscribed. I have 3 more days to play, and I will not re-sub if something is not done in this interval.

Thanks for the nice moments!

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