Petition to let people to transfer off this dying server

As with all the other Low pop servers that are still showed in the interface as “medium”, please, let us transfer off to healthier servers. People that would pay for the transfers already moved on so there’s no reason for Blizzard not to open free transfers for us too. I mostly abandoned my Zandalar characters and started new ones, but I miss my old characters. Blizzard did as Josh Strife Hayes would say about s**tty pay to win MMOs „create the problem and sell the solution”.


Cel agree with this post, give a transfear or simply merge the realm.

ZT is still holding on, transfers off would just kill it, and there’s already too many dead on single-faction servers.

And what exactly would you want it to merge with? It’s the only realm of its kind. Personally, I’d rather not choose between a server full of teenage edgelords and one that goes into panic mode at the thought of being ganked once while out in the world.

ZT is just fine, how about encouraging transfers to it rather than away from it?


Its a fricking dead server.

Already getting lots of guilds moving - yet Blizz are doing nothing.

Pls take some form of action.

This goes on whats the point of playing here…

Opening transfers FROM (ZT) is a sane option regarding the current state of the game.

Grobbulus (NA RP-PVP) is healthy but they allowed people to transfer TO it even if they are coming from different kind of servers. Transferring FROM it shouldn’t be an issue in Zandalar-Tribe case. Let people choose to play on a healthy server with their characters instead of a dying one that has no future.

The server is so dead that opening transfers TO it would take ages before it comes back to the point of being healthy. Mostly in TBC. Moving away is the only option.

It went into a terrible state just a couple of weeks after TBC launch. What about the future : wotlk ? This is not realistic. Finding groups while leveling is super hard.

Nothing can beat a RP-PVP on my opinion, the environment is so unique but there are other realms which are totally worth playing on, in the end if you play on a dead realm then what’s the point of playing a mmorpg in the first case ?

I have to echo littlecat, it would be better to merge low pop servers with us and open free transfers than let the realm die. Take it from someone that has played on a mega realm, it is not a good experience. There is a marked difference in the quality of the players when you lose the RP tag as ridiculous as that sounds. The minute you cap a server over 6k population the quality of the server starts to diminish in a very significant way, I can understand the Horde wanting to transfer off but Alliance has around 1900 people actively logging in to raid, which is considered an ideal population by old Blizzards standards.

The actual problem is the TBC attunements and what it requires to actually get in to the base game and raiding, killing the server with transfers off is fixing a symptom but not addressing the elephant in the room which is TBC in of itself and Blizzards abject mismanagement of the servers. Transfers here should have been permanently open since launch, the larger servers should have been locked off, there’s been no clear attempt by them to do anything.

I’d rather they try to alleviate the situation than just abandon ZT.


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